Brainmelting Flashback Alert

"1/1" Chinese Gundam

Just look at it in all of its yellow glory -- LOOK!!!!

H/T Japan Probe.

P.S. When all is said and done, this seems almost fitting, since 99% of Japanese pramo and toys are made in China these days...

Walter Amos, Tim Eldred, Leiji Matsumoto???

Hey Santa!

Action Figure Theater

Restricting harmful Manga

I never thought I'd see something quite like this happen.
I wonder whether it had anything to do with the discussions over same at United Nations?
See also.

My Christmas Wish

I haven’t exactly been a good boy this year, but I’ve been better than average. Bearing this in mind:  if any of you can point me to an English-subbed version of 好き!すき!!魔女先生 (Suki! Suki!! Majōhime Sensei, “Love! Love! Magical Princess Teacher”, 1971), whether legit or fansub, you'll be making my Christmas wish come true.

"Hippy Clowns"

If you can make it through the entire video you have a sturdier constitution than I -- must've been all the caffeine I had this morning . . .

Hat tip Japan Probe

How Super Is Superman?

New post up at the Bruceblog.

Rikki + Tavi + DeJesus

New Otaku Verse Zero ep


69 years ago today

'Dear Leader' and Japanese Roots

Kim Jong-un's mother was born in Japan -- Whoa!

Courtesy Japan Probe.

Otaku-Verse Zero: Episode One

The Making of Space Cruiser Yamato


Hat tip to Tim Eldred


Pourquoi avez-vous rentrer à la maison cinq dans le «mon'»
Quelque chose se passe. Puis-je sentir votre bite?
Ne me jouer comme un fou cause qui n'est pas cool
Donc ce que vous devez faire est de me laisser l'odeur de votre bite.



2 days to Yamato

3 days to Yamato

4 days to Yamato

Hat tip to Tim Eldred

5 days to Yamato

Countdown to Yamato

My worldview in a poster

Hattip to Pink Tentacle

My Spidey's On Broadway

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the Broadway musical starring Marvel's web-slinging superhero, debuts January 11. The show, which at $60M is the most expensive play ever staged in New York, features a score composed by Bono and the Edge of U2.

What I really want to see is a Star Wars Broadway show. Finally, a real space opera...

New Vs. Old. Hmmm . . .

Otauk Verse Zero

Ultraman Zero

Is it me or does this feel like bits of Ultra 7 and Message From Space got mixed in?

Tip of the hat to Mike Dent!

Remake-itis: It can happen to you

Shadyac is on the short list to direct the remake of “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” a Warner Bros. comedy that has Zach Galifianakis attached as its star.

Hollywood, I am *SO* over you . . .

Lars gets Boing Boinged

Tonoharu gets spotlighted on Boing Boing!

Yoshinobu Nishizaki (1935-2010)

Yoshinobu Nishizaki is dead.

Hit with the dumbass stick


FFS, can't anyone come up with new material? Remake Akira in Live Action 3D! And then re-make that remake in Holographic CGI! I can't wait!!!!!111111

Kopfschmerzen . . .

Toy Story 3 as Midterm Allegory

"If indications hold true, voters Tuesday will deliver a powerful rebuke to the Obama administration and its plans to transform America. Also, "Toy Story 3" will come out on DVD. These two events are not unrelated."

The Death of Cinema Part 5

Disney and Warner Brothers plan to offer direct-download of films currently playing in the theater.

Say goodbye to $20 buckets of popcorn and long lines at the bathroom, and hello to warmed-up leftovers and cheap soda-pop from Aldi...

RIP James MacArthur

The original 'Danno' and also a Disney kid.

I'm not a fan of the new Hawaii Five-O, personally, but hey, I'm a grump!

EDIT: RIP "Mister C" Tom Bosley and "June Cleaver", Barbara Billingsly.

Tough week for TV junkies...

Remember A Day

"Remember a Day"-A Star Blazers Retrospective from Corn Pone Flicks on Vimeo.

CPF looks back at one of the greatest animated programs ever made-see? We are capable of liking things! Honest!

Tetsujin 28 -- GO!!!

Metric ton of "Gigantor" cover art over at Pink Tentacle.

Holy crap, I want one of these posterized and on my wall!

Boxed sets of Classics

I went to Suncoast today to pick up the Speed Racer "Mach 5" boxed-set that's been moldering away on the shelf for the past five years, only to find it gone (bummer). This of course means that I'll need to get it online, which is probably do-able.

But what about all the other classic Japanese cartoon series of yore? I see that there's a Kimba set and some dodgy-looking 8th Man, but I'm wondering if I'm missing any -- did Marine Boy ever see a proper DVD release?

Do you remember that ol' lullabye?

Crusty ol' Out Magazine cover gallery -- also Japanese Starlog . . .

Hattip: Matt Alt.

Hot Old Cars

I'm pretty sure that some of these concepts saw the light of day as "Hot Wheels" cars.

H/T Pink Tentacle

Magoo goes stag

Truth in Advertising

"Cheap and Ugly"

We could all go for a little more truth in our ads, and 66 MPG ain't bad -- take that SMART Car!

I need a shower . . .

After all this sofubi and delicately hand-painted plastic, that is.

P.S. The most exotic Japanese toy stuff I recall from the late 1970s/early 1980s was Godzilla monsters in local gumball machines!

Commerical Beer - Fine Art

These folks in Oregon are even more nuts about their spendy beer hobby than I am! They're much better artists than me, though, so maybe they can afford to buy all of that beer with all of the paintings that they do on commission?

I wonder how much it would cost to commission a can of Black Label . . .

Just because . . .

The Yellow Fever is runnin' wild in the comments section here, but I found this one somewhat interesting nonetheless.

I like the .33 cent kind . . .

cool noodle
Uploaded by togo555togo. - Have a look at more lifestyle videos.This article and video on ramen is making me drool . . .

Yamato Movie English Website

Yamato live-action film website in English. Hat tip: Jeff Blend

China Wins

In the battle over nautical excursions, ramming procedures and saving face, China will win. They are too damned-big not to.

The Fourth Horseman

Yeah, that's weird.

H/T Big Hollywood

Bubblegum Crisis -- Priss Doll

PSYCHE! It's actually Mattel's take on Debbie Harry.

I hit the Schellabration . . .

and all I got was this lousy graphic!

But seriously, it was a good time. Free tours and sampling at the brewery, along with oompah bands and the Concord Singers, cheap brats and beers, and wandering Narren. This is probably the first time I've visited the place and left without even a buzz!

Here's to the next 150 years!


Pokemon Cockfighters

"Bay Voltron" - - Ha!

Found this at Topless Robot. Hilariously bad.

Full-Length Yamato Trailer

Toho has the full length trailer (100 sec) for Space Battleship Yamato up. Pluses: scenes of Underground City, Yamato under construction (bottom view), Cosmo Zero launching and in action, other Earth fighters and spacecraft, group shot of Black Tiger pilots, a shot of Mamoru Kodai, several scenes of what appears to be a ground assault of some kind, two or three scenes of Kuroki Meisa (Yuki) looking predictably adorable, and lots of KimuraSMAP with Farrah-perfect hair. Minuses: interminable cock-rock theme song by Steven Tyler (yes, that Steven Tyler ). Downloadable as .flv; worth looking at.

71 days to go.  Yamato... hasshin!

Old Japan in Neo Tokyo

My significant other is always complaining about the Japan she sees whilst glancing over my shoulder at in-opportune times, and yet there's something to be said for the parts of Japan --and even Tokyo-- that have preserved the very best of the country's base culture*.

Here's a glimpse into Old Japan, and it's conveniently located in Tokyo:

yanesen tokyo
Uploaded by togo555togo. - Explore exotic destinations and travel videos.

H/T Japan Probe

*To be fair, she hates American Pop Culture, too ; )

The Ford that Got Away

Faster than a flaming Ferrari . . . and not street-legal ; )

"Retro" Super 7 Jumbo Stormtrooper CM

Gotta love Popyesque funk. Haven't gotten one of these yet (retail is about $300) but I have handled one....very cool. The S7 crew did this right. Rumor has it that they are planning a Boba Fett and Darth Vader.

Yebisu Beer, 1930

Yep, I have a one-track mind : )

H/T Pink Tentacle

P.S. Danno, the August Schell 150th anniversary party is this weekend!

Little Norse Prince Valiant

Hat tip to Mike Toole!

And I'll form the....USB plug?!

The folks over at Incubot have gotten the rights to make Voltron USB flash's the 21st Century version of the Trapper Keeper! I have a "Nekobot" USB drive and it's just as much "fun rubbery toy" as it is "utilitarian data storage".

Panty & Stocking est arrivé

Gainax's Next Big Thing is here. The trailer for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt streamed today over at Kadokawa Shoten's Yūtūbe chanaaru. Gurren Lagann it ain't — the new show looks less like the latest from The Studio That Brought You Eva and more like something from the Cartoon Network, if the Cartoon Network still was about cartoons and was programmed by creative types instead of vacant-eyed corporate drones. The new show is helmed by Gainax utilty infielder and erstwhile Gurren director Hiroyuki Imaishi, which bodes well if you like the wackier side of the 'Nax. It's about two angels who come to Earth to right wrongs, etc. using underwear-based weapons: Panty, a blonde who "likes to have sex with men", and Stocking, raven-haired killer gōsurōri in Beetlejuice tights. Panty wields a panty-based gun; Stocking's hose turn into swords. Yes, you read that correctly. There's also a Giant Black Man named Mr. Garterbelt and a kooky mascot character named Chuck (the knockoff of/tribute to Jhonen Vasquez' "Gir" character that most of you have probably heard of) to round out the cast.

I have to admit I like what I'm seeing here so far: PuffyAmiYumi + Lucky Star + FLCL. Could this be the bracing dose of new and refreshing that anime has desperately needed for so long? Or will Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt be Suck in its purest form? We shall see.

DROOL: 1/12 Gundam Machinder

How much for the leetle girl?

Gundam toy or SMART Car? Decisions, decisions . . .

COLLECT 'em ALL: Takatoku 1/3000 SDF-1

'I suck at Facebook', but thought I'd share this link anyway : P

COLLECT 'em ALL: Takatoku 1/3000 SDF-1


The Japanese are freakin' me out, man.

H/T Pink Tentacle

Holy Flaming Ferraris!

This article from the Christian Science Monitor caught my eye. I still can't believe I saw* one of these in Nowhereland, MN, earlier this summer.

*Note: It wasn't on fire, but it was still a hot car :)

Boozing Hausfrau style

10 different Izakaya appetizers and all-you-can drink booze, only Y2480~!
Only in Japan . . .

Uploaded by iluvdolphinburgers. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.
Hattip JapanProbe

Neil's selling his toys on ebay

Clover Gundam DX Gattai Diecast toy
Clover Gundam DX Gattai Diecast toy

Neil Nadelman has decided to let go of his Gundam Gattai DX diecast playset by Clover. Who'll be the lucky bidder?

LULZ at Cat Smurfs

Leigh Scott rants some more about Avatar:

Power up your TARDIS, turn on your lightsaber, and set your phasers to stun because we are about to geek out kids.

Not content with making over $2 billion worldwide, James Cameron is re-releasing “Avatar” in theaters. Supposedly, a lot of people couldn’t see it in 3D because there were other films in theaters at that time hogging up half the screens. How dare they? Who do those people think they are?

In the same L.A. Times interview where Mr. Cameron explains his re-release rationale, he opines that he is making a franchise with “Avatar” that will compete with the works of Tolkien. He thinks the story of the Cat Smurfs will have the same staying power as “Star Wars.”


PG on Facebook? Yep!

Uncle Fran threw this idea at me a while back and we have pretty much zoned-it-out since we were both un/underemployed and hating life.

Now that we both have jobs again, we took the Nike slogan to heart and just did it.

Any thoughts?

For what it's worth, all we really plan on doing is load a bunch of low-rez iPhone pics and scans of pages from dusty old Xeroxed zines up into the Photo Album! Nothing very high-tech at all or involved, just another way to keep the name out there. See also:

Meanwhile, back in Bizarro World...

Sea Prince and The Fire Child (aka Sanrio's Shiriusu no Densetsu) has a DVD release after years of dwelling on YouTube.

Early 1980s Cheeseball-anime rental vets represent!

FYE link. Also at Amazon.

FYE: All Movie Box Sets - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Movie Complete Collection [3 Discs] 13Up

FYE: All Movie Box Sets - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Movie Complete Collection [3 Discs] 13Up

I stand corrected -- sort-of . . .

Zeta Gundam Movies -- in English . . .

AH! At last! Legit copies of the Zeta Gundam movies compiled for the twentieth anniversary of Zeta Gundam, and in English!

Now, if it was $60 for a deluxe, boxed set of all three I can maybe see spending that, but at $29.99 a crack?

There's been no promotion, no push for these . . . Bandai is so freaking stooopid it makes my brain hurt . . .

RIP Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon, director of "Perfect Blue", "Tokyo Godfathers", "Paranoia Agent" and many others has died at 47

doomed to relive the past

Worth repeating but not worth paying a living wage

L.A. Times picks up the story about the Anime Industry implosion.

We've heard it before, here it is again. To recap, Anime Industry in a nose dive, nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, and they'll do it for less in China.

More Toys from the Past

Road Trip!

I weep for the next generation . . .

How the heck could I have missed this? Oh yeah, I'm like forty, have no kids, and don't *want* to raise 'em in a world where crap like this pretends to be entertainment. Do I just have a case of "the Mondays" on a Friday?

Japan and Korea . . .

A lot of history, a lot of time to heal . . .

Pikadon 65

Extensive post over here at Japan Probe.

Duran Duran WTF?


. . . and then I hurled. Seriously, when you need Cat Power* to sell a car that gets the same mileage as a SMARTcar you are doomed.

H/T Greg Gutfeld

Photos of The Volt (etc).

ALSO: This

*No, it's not Chan Marshall, but I am far out of touch with Indie-rock, so sue me.

A love to last a lifetime

Too cool.

Matt Alt: Ninja Informer


Everything you wanted to know about Ninja but were afraid if you asked they'd kill you in your sleep.

The Unfriendly Skies

Yet another meaningless post on my blog.

2ch Responds to Scanslation Crackdown

What does Japan think of Scanslations? Quite a bit.

Daniel Lau has posted translations of 2ch comments and opinions on the news of the recent shutdown of popular scanslation sites, including One Manga. It makes for some interesting reading. Recommended.

Sucker Punch

This one has zepplins, dragons, and samurai. Should be double billed with Iron Sky.

Underdog... or Überhund?

 Adolf Hitler was infamous for many things, but among the late Führer‘s most well-remembered obsessions was eugenics — the practice of breeding human beings in order to improve the race. In his rantings, he alluded to Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch, or “overman”, as the hoped-for end result of the Nazi eugenics effort. (It is important to note that Hitler’s concept of the Übermensch was different from Nietzsche’s in many ways.) This superbeing, the product of “pure Aryan blood”, was, in Hitler’s view, the only hope for mankind — a being of great power and will, capable of destroying the Jews and other “mud races” and rescuing the German nation from their evil aspirations.

Interestingly, parallels exist between the Nazi idea of the Übermensch and characters and situations found in the animated television series Underdog (Total Television, 1964). While the persons involved in the production of Underdog were obviously not Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, or proponents of eugenics, it is possible to view the series as a textual allegory of the Übermensch myth.

Underdog is the key...
Complete Text

Gundam UC . . .

I still wanna buy the Blu-Ray, just ain't gots no playa . . .


Am I too much of a geek if I get nostalgic after I watch this?

Nick Cage + Japanese TV = WTF

Where's Tara-Chan when ya need him?

Hat Tip, Japan Probe

Star Wars in the Subway

Improv on the New York subway with Star Wars.


Yes, Please!

I wonder; Complimentary Pra-Mo in First Class?

Peter Fernandez (1927-2010)

ANN reports that Peter Fernandez has died.

The Thought of This Flowchart Just Blows My Mind

Everyone Needs To Pay The Rent Somehow

New Stuff on Flickr

I just finished a hueg update to my Flickr site. It's chockful of downloadable fun -- new stuff in B-CHAN SKETCHBOOK and THE COOL EYE sets. Drop by!

Japanese Coffee Blended with Bock?

Yes, please. I could use one about now...

H/T Rakuten Japan

Mike Tooles' World Cup Diary

First Fandom now Mandom

100% Pure Win or just WTF?

Gamblin' with Gojira

Coming Soon: Hong Kong Phooey

A live action+CGI Smurfs movie can only mean that Hollywood is mining deep for ideas.

Courtesy of Yahoo

'Airbender' and Misperceptions

A lot of ink has been spilled over this, and I'm still scratching my head.

In recent weeks, M. Knight Shylaman has done a sound (if p-o'd, frenetic) job in explaining his casting decisions, and yet the True Believers aren't satisfied.

I really wish the show's original creators would chime in on this just to stir the already troubled waters some more...

Your Weekly Dose of Stupid

"As much as I would love to hail Miyazaki as being pure and untouched; as someone who was as excited as you seem to be introduced to his work, some facts are in order.

Early work shows him very much aware of the world's power structures with overt references to Intelligence, the UN, occult ritualistic leadership etc." - J.H.

Since late last year The Website Formerly Known As "Save the" has become a repository for articles and missives from a variety of weekly guests, with occasional encore articles from the site's founder, Dr. Henry Makow.

Any of Dr. Makow's long time readers* would tell you that some truly ridiculous claptrap has been posted at said site in the past 8 months or so, but this article really tickled my fancy.

P.S. Here is Dr. Makow's take on 'My Neighbor Totoro'

H/T Jeff Rense

*I include myself among this number @_@

No Humor at BB

NSFW (Language)

Apparently this was done by a Best Buy employee on his own time. BB corporate found out somehow and might be trying to fire him because they were afraid what apple/at&t would think. If they would have shut up and looked the other way they wouldn't be getting all this attention. Way to go.

And to be fair to the iPhone fans, the "rebuttal" (again, NSFW).

via Tech Crunch

A Voice From The Past


Iron Sky Trailer 2 - Kickin' Nazi Arse

Looks like the Finnish filmmakers have raised 90% of the $8.5 million they had budgeted and will begin shooting this fall.

Here's the second trailer:

Here's the first one again if you missed it.

Iron Sky Official Site.

via Wired

AT-AT Day Afternoon

Not a cat or dog person? How about an AT-AT person? You still have the clean up after the things though.

New Yamato Trailer

Comics - News - Live-action 'Akira' gets fast-tracked - Digital Spy

Comics - News - Live-action 'Akira' gets fast-tracked - Digital Spy

“Akira happens to be something that Warner Brothers management loves. They see value in the franchise,” Lanzar told Collider.

Proof positive that Warner Brothers Management has their collective heads still too far up their own asses.

Seriously. AKIRA is over 20 years old. The boat on this has sailed long ago. Nobody cares or wants a live action AKIRA movie. It's over and done. Move on to something new.

Mattel Mind-Melt 3 - Major Matt Mason

This is related, and weird.

Mattel Mind-melt 2

H/T That's Euro Beat

Mattel Mind-melt*

*Folks younger than about 40 might not get this same effect . . .

VD Gaijin -- 15 years later

This is what Shogo (one of PG's original contributors) has been up to. There may no longer be a, but he is making some fine ambient music - Enjoy! : )

P.S. Shogo's debut, Extended Play release "Canticles for Seraphim" is available as a digital-download here

This Is Very Scary

Apparently to mark the 18th celebration of burger month (???) White Castle sold a candle in the shape of the box their "burgers" come in. It was also scented like the burgers. Why does the thought of striking a match near this thing scare me?

via Gizmodo

HalCali - Tandem

JPop and post modern hipsterism never seems to grow old :P

File Under: Stupid Japan

H/T Japan Edge

The Golf Club made a grave error…

Mario, Up Against The Wall

Stop motion animation done by Japanese high school students. They didn't let us do anything like this in art class. Very cool.

Via Gizmodo

Star Wars, Daft Punk, Adidas and more

Via Pitchfork

"The Gift"

This short was directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, a fellow who's being called Ridley Scott's protege. Rinsch is currently linked to remakes of Logan's Run, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and other remakes of now-classic SF and world cinema.

Did I just see the 47 Ronin in there? Yep . . .

Japanese PM Hatoyama to Resign


"Simple Anime" in Japan

I ganked this from Japan Probe, and no, I don't really *get* it, but it seems to me that someone's been watching a lot of Adult Swim . . .

The beer for Ottakings

Just because I'm a cunning linguist like that, and I'm thirsty for an Austrian Helles bier ; )

"Ewoks marked a turning point from which we’ve never recovered"

With all the excitement surrounding the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back – a true masterpiece by any definition of the word — it got me thinking about the iconic films of my childhood that left such a permanent impression that I can still vividly recall the experience of seeing them for very first time in a theatre. Not the look of the multiplex or the color of the seats, but how these movies made me feel. How they transported me into their world to the point that when the lights came up it felt like an unwelcome alarm clock on a school day.


P.S. I figured that this piece might resonate with a couple of you ; )