PG on Facebook? Yep!

Uncle Fran threw this idea at me a while back and we have pretty much zoned-it-out since we were both un/underemployed and hating life.

Now that we both have jobs again, we took the Nike slogan to heart and just did it.

Any thoughts?

For what it's worth, all we really plan on doing is load a bunch of low-rez iPhone pics and scans of pages from dusty old Xeroxed zines up into the Photo Album! Nothing very high-tech at all or involved, just another way to keep the name out there. See also:

Meanwhile, back in Bizarro World...

Sea Prince and The Fire Child (aka Sanrio's Shiriusu no Densetsu) has a DVD release after years of dwelling on YouTube.

Early 1980s Cheeseball-anime rental vets represent!

FYE link. Also at Amazon.

FYE: All Movie Box Sets - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Movie Complete Collection [3 Discs] 13Up

FYE: All Movie Box Sets - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Movie Complete Collection [3 Discs] 13Up

I stand corrected -- sort-of . . .

Zeta Gundam Movies -- in English . . .

AH! At last! Legit copies of the Zeta Gundam movies compiled for the twentieth anniversary of Zeta Gundam, and in English!

Now, if it was $60 for a deluxe, boxed set of all three I can maybe see spending that, but at $29.99 a crack?

There's been no promotion, no push for these . . . Bandai is so freaking stooopid it makes my brain hurt . . .

RIP Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon, director of "Perfect Blue", "Tokyo Godfathers", "Paranoia Agent" and many others has died at 47

doomed to relive the past

Worth repeating but not worth paying a living wage

L.A. Times picks up the story about the Anime Industry implosion.

We've heard it before, here it is again. To recap, Anime Industry in a nose dive, nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, and they'll do it for less in China.

More Toys from the Past

Road Trip!

I weep for the next generation . . .

How the heck could I have missed this? Oh yeah, I'm like forty, have no kids, and don't *want* to raise 'em in a world where crap like this pretends to be entertainment. Do I just have a case of "the Mondays" on a Friday?

Japan and Korea . . .

A lot of history, a lot of time to heal . . .

Pikadon 65

Extensive post over here at Japan Probe.

Duran Duran WTF?


. . . and then I hurled. Seriously, when you need Cat Power* to sell a car that gets the same mileage as a SMARTcar you are doomed.

H/T Greg Gutfeld

Photos of The Volt (etc).

ALSO: This

*No, it's not Chan Marshall, but I am far out of touch with Indie-rock, so sue me.