Brainmelting Flashback Alert

"1/1" Chinese Gundam

Just look at it in all of its yellow glory -- LOOK!!!!

H/T Japan Probe.

P.S. When all is said and done, this seems almost fitting, since 99% of Japanese pramo and toys are made in China these days...

Walter Amos, Tim Eldred, Leiji Matsumoto???

Hey Santa!

Action Figure Theater

Restricting harmful Manga

I never thought I'd see something quite like this happen.
I wonder whether it had anything to do with the discussions over same at United Nations?
See also.

My Christmas Wish

I haven’t exactly been a good boy this year, but I’ve been better than average. Bearing this in mind:  if any of you can point me to an English-subbed version of 好き!すき!!魔女先生 (Suki! Suki!! Majōhime Sensei, “Love! Love! Magical Princess Teacher”, 1971), whether legit or fansub, you'll be making my Christmas wish come true.

"Hippy Clowns"

If you can make it through the entire video you have a sturdier constitution than I -- must've been all the caffeine I had this morning . . .

Hat tip Japan Probe

How Super Is Superman?

New post up at the Bruceblog.

Rikki + Tavi + DeJesus

New Otaku Verse Zero ep


69 years ago today

'Dear Leader' and Japanese Roots

Kim Jong-un's mother was born in Japan -- Whoa!

Courtesy Japan Probe.

Otaku-Verse Zero: Episode One

The Making of Space Cruiser Yamato