4chan is dead, but has yet again resurfaced as idlechan!

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Before being troubled! The newest Japan guide of GAMI!

The high-tech country of safety and Japan have evolved every day. The sightseeing guide has not caught up with evolution. GAMI sends the appearance of the newest Japan to you so that a foreigner may not be troubled by the sightseeing tour of Japan. Posted by Hello

4chan "Dead For The Fourth Time!"

"4chan originally started as a subproject to entertain all the nerds in ADTRW as an English version of 2chan. The original site eventually got out to the rest of the internet, and that is when the trouble began. Japanese flooders used up monthly bandwidth in days, assholes and morally righteous idiots came to troll in droves, GoDaddy axed the .net domain while PayPal cancelled the donation account, and most notably, our own apathy, all contributed to the long demise of 4chan."

"4chan started dying, in all senses, one week after the domain was registered. People came out to help, but never enough (C_V, the moderators, thatdog (maintainer of the English Futabally), countless donations) to make the site seem more than a giant money sucking tumor. The most recent flooding just assured us that 4chan was past its prime in terms of entertainment value. I would personally like to thank the rest of the internet for completely sucking at everything that is not distributing pornography or hilarious email chain letters. You people should be ashamed of yourself."

"Thanks for visiting 4chan!"

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Gunbuster 2 Website is Online

The Gunbuster2 Offical Website is up and we're speculating on it over at PsychommuSlamFest. Drop in and join the discussion. Is it Stuff Good or Stuff Bad?

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Guitar Wolf interview

PIXELSURGEON | Interviews | Music | Guitar Wolf "Guitar Wolf are pure, distilled Japanese Rock and Roll: slicked back hair, drainpipe leather trousers, loud guitars and an attitude to match. Famous for their outrageously wild gigs that pour every rock and roll cliché you can possibly imagine into an hour or so of powerful, energetic garage rock fused with high octane rockabilly and Ramones-influenced blues. They've also starred in a couple of movies, including the incredible Wild Zero, featuring a UFO invasion, zombies and lashings of over the top gore."
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Still Accepting Submissions for G-FEST!

It may be too late to submit for the A-Kon issue of Psychommu Gaijin but you can still get in the G-FEST 2004 Psychommu Gaijin!
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Psychommu Gaijin zine for A-Kon 2004

We're currently editing the A-Kon 2004 issue of Psychommu Gaijin! Look for copies randomly distributed at the Artist Alley....
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