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ITOCHU and Ishimori Group to Establish Media Joint Venture

ITOCHU and Ishimori Group to Establish Media Joint Venture: "ITOCHU and Ishimori Group to Establish Media Joint Venture

Tokyo (JCNN) - ITOCHU Corporation (TSE: 8001), Ishimori Shotaro Pro Inc., one of the major Manga productions in Japan, and Ishimori Pro Inc. have signed an agreement to establish Ishimori Entertainment Inc., a joint venture company that will introduces the 'Ishimori World' to its fans.

The new company, Ishimori Entertainment Inc., is planning to produce movies, TV programming, publications, and to develop merchandising business based on the titles of Shotaro Ishinomori. Ishimori Entertainment aims to achieve a turnover of 1.5-2.0 billion Yen every year.

Shotaro Ishinomori's works consist of more than 300 titles, including his most important works such as'MASKED RIDER', 'Cyborg009', 'HOTEL', 'KIKAIDER', and 'GORENGER'. In particular, MASKED RIDER is one of the most popular heroes among the children in Japan.

ITOCHU will hold 49% of its shares, Ishimori Pro and Ishimori Shotaro Pro will own 41% and 10%, respectively."

Politicians block comic over 'fake' Nanjing Massacre tale

The Japan Times Online: "Politicians block comic over 'fake' Nanjing Massacre tale

Shueisha Inc. said Wednesday it will halt publication of a 'manga' comic featuring the Nanjing Massacre of 1937 in response to complaints by Japanese politicians who claim the slaughter never happened.

The comic series 'Kuni ga Moeru' ('The Country is Burning'), authored by popular comic writer Hiroshi Motomiya, is a fictional tale about a bureaucrat in the turbulent times of the early Showa Era (1926-1989).

Publication of the series, which has been carried in Weekly Young Jump magazine since November 2002, will be temporarily suspended from the Oct. 28 edition. Weekly Young Jump is popular among Japanese men.

In the magazine's Sept. 16 and Sept. 22 editions, the comic described Japanese soldiers massacring civilians in Nanjing, China.

Thirty-seven members of local assemblies protested to the publisher on Oct. 5, saying the massacre was presented as if it really happened. They say the story deliberately distorted history by using a photo whose authenticity they claim cannot be confirmed.

According to the assembly members, there is strong evidence that the massacre never happened and that there is no proof that it did.

A Shueisha representative said: 'Some people say the photo used for reference in the drawing cannot be authenticated. It was inappropriate to use such material.'

'The parts related to the use of the photo as pointed out will be edited or deleted when the comic book is published,' Shueisha said in reply to the complaint.

The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal concluded that more than 140,000 people were killed. Some Chinese historians put the death toll at 300,000 in Nanjing alone. Japanese accounts vary from several thousand to 200,000 dead.

The Japan Times: Oct. 14, 2004"

Optware Corp has developed a holographic storage disk, "enabling existing discs the same size as today's DVDs to store as much as one terabyte of data (200 times the capacity of a single layer DVD), with a transfer speed of one gigabyte per second (40 times the speed of DVD)."
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"As part of their Real Dream Doraemon Project (RDDP), Bandai is collaborating with a variety of companies and research institutes to create a "real" Doraemon by the year 2010. The project is based on the idea that if a real Doraemon could come and live in all of our houses, life would be a lot more fun."

"Bandai has made a gigantic step toward recreating the real Doraemon with their spectacular "Doraemon The Robot". Extremely limited in quantity, this robot stands 265mm tall and is loaded with functions that will amaze and entertain you, just like the real Doraemon. Features include word recognition and response function for a predetermined set of words, as well as a programming function that lets you program Doraemon with words and responses of your choice! Doraemon is loaded with an array of sensors (light, angle, movement, sound, etc.), each of which triggers different responses. Doraemon can also be programmed to deliver a variety of messages on days of your choice (birthdays, holidays, garbage day, etc.), and can be used as an alarm clock as well. The dorayaki (Doraemon's favorite snack) shaped remote control has various control functions, including 5 games that you can play with Doraemon."

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Comics ONE has set up to sell off excess inventory. Is this a sign that the manga market has peaked? Or another casualty of a bull market? Posted by Hello

Assembly members protest manga portrayal of Nanjing Massacre as distortion

Japan Today - News - Assembly members protest manga portrayal of Nanjing Massacre as distortion - Japan's Leading International News Network

Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 07:36 JST
TOKYO — A group of local assembly members has protested to the author and publisher of a manga weekly over a cartoon strip that depicted the Nanjing Massacre in a way they consider distorts history, group members and the publisher said Friday.

The group issued the protest to Shueisha Inc, a major publisher, and Hiroshi Motomiya who wrote the manga, "Kuni Ga Moeru" which is carried in Weekly Young Jump as a fictionalized serial, saying that the manga presents the Nanjing Massacre "as if it was the truth." The group sent a protest letter to Shueisha on Tuesday, claiming there is strong evidence that the Nanjing Massacre did not happen and no proof that it did. (Kyodo News)

5 arrested for auctioning pirated anime online

Mainichi Interactive - Top News: "
5 arrested for auctioning pirated anime online

TOYAMA -- Five people have been arrested for selling pirated editions of popular animated movies on the Internet in two separate incidents, prefectural police said.

Arrested for violating the Copyright Law were Masao Takahashi, 50, his son, 28-year-old Miyabi, Okutaro Kojima, 38, his 36-year-old wife, Mie, and his 34-year-old brother, Chotaro.

Takahashi conspired with Miyabi to sell some 4,500 pirated DVDs of a popular animated film, 'Doraemon,' on an Internet auction site, netting approximately 6.2 million yen, according to investigators.

The elder Takahashi has admitted to the allegations during questioning. 'I did it because my family business faced financial crisis,' he was quoted as telling investigators.

Kojima conspired with his wife and brother to sell pirated DVD copies of an animated film, 'Dragon Ball,' on the Internet, netting about 20 million yen, prefectural police said. (Compiled from wire reports, Japan, Oct. 9, 2004)"

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