"As part of their Real Dream Doraemon Project (RDDP), Bandai is collaborating with a variety of companies and research institutes to create a "real" Doraemon by the year 2010. The project is based on the idea that if a real Doraemon could come and live in all of our houses, life would be a lot more fun."

"Bandai has made a gigantic step toward recreating the real Doraemon with their spectacular "Doraemon The Robot". Extremely limited in quantity, this robot stands 265mm tall and is loaded with functions that will amaze and entertain you, just like the real Doraemon. Features include word recognition and response function for a predetermined set of words, as well as a programming function that lets you program Doraemon with words and responses of your choice! Doraemon is loaded with an array of sensors (light, angle, movement, sound, etc.), each of which triggers different responses. Doraemon can also be programmed to deliver a variety of messages on days of your choice (birthdays, holidays, garbage day, etc.), and can be used as an alarm clock as well. The dorayaki (Doraemon's favorite snack) shaped remote control has various control functions, including 5 games that you can play with Doraemon."

I think I'll wait 'til 2010 and see how that model turns out...Posted by Hello