5 arrested for auctioning pirated anime online

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5 arrested for auctioning pirated anime online

TOYAMA -- Five people have been arrested for selling pirated editions of popular animated movies on the Internet in two separate incidents, prefectural police said.

Arrested for violating the Copyright Law were Masao Takahashi, 50, his son, 28-year-old Miyabi, Okutaro Kojima, 38, his 36-year-old wife, Mie, and his 34-year-old brother, Chotaro.

Takahashi conspired with Miyabi to sell some 4,500 pirated DVDs of a popular animated film, 'Doraemon,' on an Internet auction site, netting approximately 6.2 million yen, according to investigators.

The elder Takahashi has admitted to the allegations during questioning. 'I did it because my family business faced financial crisis,' he was quoted as telling investigators.

Kojima conspired with his wife and brother to sell pirated DVD copies of an animated film, 'Dragon Ball,' on the Internet, netting about 20 million yen, prefectural police said. (Compiled from wire reports, Japan, Oct. 9, 2004)"