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Beatles + Small Town America, U.S.A. = Great Success!

Gotta Have My Bowl

R.I.P. Cliff Robertson

This man made Uncle Ben, Charlie, and many other roles come to life. A real class act.

Bonus: Robertson could play real oddball characters as well, as evidenced by his work in the largely-forgotten Burt Reynolds classic "Malone"; Watch the trailer and you'll know why the film is largely-forgotten:

New Voltron toy?

But of course!

And don't forget the retro "Shogun Warriors" branded neo jumbo machinder.

Still Falling

Still Falling

Sixty-six years ago

The Formal Surrender of Japan.

And recently, some have used the event as a signpost of the post war period and been misunderstood -- go figure...

Yeah, Baby!

Look, folks! It's the "Austin Powers Edition" Gundam.