"My Travels in Japan"

I found this fellow's antique photo blog the other day and it is pretty sweet! Is his name really Abraham Lincoln? I dunno, but it makes me want to go find my old scrapbook . . .

Fook, Tha've Doon Eht

Damn You Oshii!

Mamoru Oshii does Cyborg 009!


For the terminally bored: new post at my blog.

Pass the Sushi Plate

My mind boggles at a lot of the things I see lately, but I appreciate the ingenuity on display right here.

Osama Get Got

Raped by hell pigs for all eternity LOL

Serious Childhood Flashback

I was never quite sure whether I was imagining this show or if it was in fact real, but thanks to the magic of YouTube I can at least re-live what I *imagine* to have remembered from my sickly childhood.

This here's an ending singalong clip from "Wonderama", a syndicated kids show from God Knows When. At some point this show transmogrified into "Kids Are People Too", which was sort of a "Gong Show'-meets-'That's Incredible" for kids, as I recall.

Shit, I'm glad some of you people are older than me and might remember this stuff--posting this to Facebook would likely elicit blank stares...

Space Adventure Cobra Live Action

What do you follow up a movie like Piranha 3D with? Terasawa Buichi's Cobra!