The Decade of the Torrent

Looking back over the decade there can be only one thing that be said to have completely changed everything about Anime Fandom. It effected everything, even beyond anime and Anime Fandom. It was the internet. Specifically, BitTorrent.

In 2002 some guy created BitTorrent. Although there had been a "peer to peer" exchange of files previously it had only been small files, mostly mp3. BitTorrenting was different. It broke large files into smaller pieces and distributed them through a group of peers instead of one computer to another. Suddenly, you could distribute large files easily. Large files like videos.

Taking advantage of this, anime fans began distributing new anime recorded right off the air. With the easy access to these new shows a new phenomena of fan subtitling groups emerged along with easy digital subtitling.

Of course the advent of YouTube and improved digital streaming video has taken this to another level. Never before has it been so easy to watch so much anime.

What have we done?

Pikadon Redux?

*possibly NSFW/politically incorrect link to follow*

"I had seen enough "Blade Runner/The Day After" movies that I had half expected to encounter mutants walking around town or troglodytes emerging from the sewers.

Meanwhile, near Ground Zero just below the precise spot where the Nagasaki bomb had detonated, I saw several American fast-food restaurants including the smiling face of
Colonel Sanders."

Raijin-Oh Released in the U.S.

Anime Midstream, based out of St. Louis, Missouri, is now offering the first disk (5 eps.) of Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh for $19.99 + shipping. Looks like they also want to finish the Eldran series that Raijin-Oh is part of (Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger and Nekketsu Saikyō Go-Saurer). Not bad for a company that was asking for donations a year ago to pull this off. Let's see if they can carry this through.

Toy Robot Porn

If my collection looked like this one I'd have reverted to a drooling idiot by now. Thank God for beer!

I'm not a player...I just Krush a lot

While we're posting concerts, DJ Krush will be making a few appearances in North America. I definitely recommend catching a show, if you can.

Jan.26th Tue

Bowery Ballroom / New York (USA)
DJ KRUSH / and more...

Jan.27th Wed

The Empty Bottle / Chicago (USA)
DJ KRUSH / and more...

Jan.29th Fri

Biltmore Cabaret / Vancouver (Canada)
DJ KRUSH / and more...

Jan.30th Sat

Rotture / Portland (USA)
DJ KRUSH / Ryan Organ / E3 / DJ Kez

Jan.31st Sun

Neumos / Seattle (USA)
DJ KRUSH / and more...

Feb.2nd Tue

The Mighty / San Francisco (USA)
DJ KRUSH / and more...

It's a KFC Christmas

Original recipe! Oh yeah...

I gotta find some McDonalds CMs to post.

Who's got a mic?

Stupid question: How many of you guys has a mic and can record MP3s?

Japan Nite 2010

I just stumbled upon the line up for the Japan Nite show at SXSW and the following tour. The SXSW show will be Friday, March 19th in Austin, TX and the tour will be from March 21st through the 27th. Here's the announcement on their My Space page.

Red Bacteria Vacuum



JinnyOops! (If I find something better, I'll post.)

Polysics Kick - The Covers

Gates of Steel

Uncontrollable Urge

"anime sea creature catpeople

from the moon!"

Mmm, suck me now, sparkling blue bioluminescent anime sea creature Amazon basketball player moonlike catperson of my dreams.

Read more:

I definitely LOLed. I needed a good laugh!

This guy again...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's creeped-out.

Pokémon wants your soul!

Hello and thanks to Danno for inviting me to contribute in my terrible way to this enterprise! I promise I won't bore you. Much.

Apparently Satan is behind Pokémon! Yes, I was as shocked as you are! Because after watching this vaguely annoying bloke, I too made the connection to gang violence, prime time TV, .45's and one of Nintendo's flagship titles. It's not enough that D'n'D has corrupted our morally upright youth! Now they want children to join them in their ungodly practices! I particularly thought of Satan when the pastor/reverend/jedi/sithlord/whatever flashed an image of Jigglypuff on the screen. Dammit, I'm incensed! I'm going now with my Christian brethren to storm Satoru Iwata's office right now!

Via Topless Robot from Everything Is Terrible

Doraemon wishes everyone a Merry Christmas...and offers free rides on his bus


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While I can't think of anything good about 2009 I can't forget the worst live action movie adaptation I've ever seen. It happened in 2009. And it was called Dragonball: Evolution.

DB:E was apparently made during the Writer's Strike in Hollywood, without a script or any of those things you usually have when you're making an adaptation of something from another medium. How hard could it be? We just need some kid with too much hair product and we'll add some CGI effects and cash the checks, right? And that's pretty much how much time they must have spent thinking about it. The result was a vaguely coherent kung fu movie that really didn't resemble it's source material in the slightest way. I can't think of anything good about it. It's THAT BAD. Even if you watch it as a western cinema equivalent kung fu movie IT FAILS. Go watch American Ninja or Gymkata or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are all BETTER then this movie.

Dragonball: Evolution. The STUFF BAD of 2009. Go ahead, tell me there was something worse.


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2009 is almost done with. Looking back, was there anything good? List your STUFF GOOD of 2009 in the comments. And don't be afraid to make some lists!

Polysics Tour

The Polysics are hitting the road in the U.S. at the end of January through the middle of February. The Akron show might be interesting.

Jan-28-10 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
Jan-29-10 - The Roxy Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
Jan-30-10 - Casbah - San Diego, CA
Feb-02-10 - Plush - Tucson, AZ
Feb-03-10 - The Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ
Feb-05-10 - The White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
Feb-06-10 - The Independent - Austin, TX
Feb-07-10 - The Loft - Dallas, TX
Feb-10-10 - Double Door - Chicago, IL
Feb-11-10 - Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
Feb-12-10 - Musica - Akron, OH
Feb-13-10 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY
Feb-14-10 - Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Feb-16-10 - The Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC

About as close to a Xmas present . . .

. . . as you're going to get from me. Bah humbug.

Rodrigo Blaas' Alma is being streamed for a limited time during the Holidaze. Enjoy.

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Robotech Art 1: Fisked

Sean at Colony Drop gives this reliable old tome a good thrashing, and much hand-wringing ensues, though not nearly as much as followed his dissing of Akiba.

See also: "Robotech is Better than Macross"

Amuro Sings With Amuro

Singer Namie Amuro is singing with Amuro Ray (v.a. Tohru Furuya) in her latest video "Defend Love". From ANN, "Ever since she was a child, Namie Amuro held a special affinity for the Amuro Ray character due to their similar names, and she personally asked for the character to appear in the video to honor the 30th anniversary of Gundam." More info at ANN.

via ANN

Giant Robots from Uruguay

A homebrewed film from Uruguay supposedly made for just $500. It was good enough to get filmmaker Federico Alvarez a trip to Hollywood, an offer to make a film and a chance to work with Sam Raimi on developing the film that had a "compelling original story". Um, yeah. Giant robots blowing crap up. Cool, but not original. Check it out for yourself.

Michael Moore in Akihabara

via Japan Probe

KFC christmas in japan

KFC christmas in japan
Originally uploaded by shadowofwind

Merry Run

Merry Run
Originally uploaded by Big Ben(Gaijin Bikers)

Christmas Ultraman

Christmas Ultraman
Originally uploaded by thunder

Tokyo Disney Sea : Merry Christmas !!!

Tokyo Disney Sea : Merry Christmas !!!
Originally uploaded by Ethel Kidd

chibi xmas rei

chibi xmas rei
Originally uploaded by nuo2x2

_Developers_ Turns "Gundam" into "FUNdam"

Looking for a light, refreshing manga with no heavy baggage — some low-impact reading material to get you through the Holiday Period? Like cute girls, giant robots, and laffs? If so, I recommend checking our Developers: Mobile Suit Gundam Before One Year War. Yes, it's Gundam, but only peripherally; it's a comedy-romance in a sci-fi setting rather than the typica; Gundam fare of angst-ridden, New-Type-powered space war.

The story centers on a small family-owned engineering company in Zion called Hosioka and its efforts to develop the very first prototype Mobile Suit. The program's prime contractor, Zeonic Corporation, chooses the tiny firm to be its subcontractor for the project due to the million-to-one chance that the new-tech MS's power reactor will blow up; they figure if somebody does get blown up, no one will miss Hosioka. As the story begins, Zeonic's project supervisor, the earnest Tio Pajitenov, arrives at Hoskioka's dumpy digs on the bad side of the cylinder bearing the plans for the prototype MS. There he encounters the company's crew of weirdos, geeks, old farts, and other misfits, including Watch Dog, the company, er, watch dog. He also encounters the boss's daughter, the tomboyish but winsome Mion Hosioka, who takes an immediate disliking to him. After dragooning him into performing a couple of menial tasks, Mion and the Hosioka team figure out that Tio is not a loser looking for day labor but the head of the MS project; soon after, Tio introduces them to the project, and (shamefacedly) to their own role as expendables as well.

Despite the doubtful nature of the subcontract, however, Mion is fired up at the thought of working on a whole new type of work droid. Her enthusiasm proves infectious. Soon the Hosioka gang is hard at work, taking the first small steps in the development of the wonder machine, never guessing that fruit of their efforts will someday make history.

Developers is a great deal of fun to read, primarily bcause of the character interplay. Mion, who is more a feisty female in the tradition of Fio from Porco Rosso than a modern-style tsundere, gives the good-natured Tio a generous serving of attitude; nevertheless, her pure-hearted love for machinery and her devotion to family keep her well clear of annoying nag territory. The family business is of course a haven for underachievers of various stripes, from snack-munching Auntie to the trio of dozy old engineers who keep the gears turning. Imagine the cast of The Office, only in the robot-building business; that's kind of what it's like.

Technically, the strip is great, with clean, crisp linework, well-spotted blacks, and judicious us of gray toning throughout. Artist Housui Yamazaki (山崎 峰水) [Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service] tells the story with a deft hand, and gives each character (especially cutie-pie Mion) a memorable, idiosyncratic look without veering into comedic caricature.

The only downside to Developers is that you have to steal it read it online in order to read it at all; no official English-language version of this strip exists, or likely will ever exist, so it's scanlation time. Nevertheless, if you have a little free time, you should give this fun manga a read. I enjoyed it, and I think a lot of you all might dig it, too.

That didn't take long

"I think the over-stylization of the Na'vi might also have something to do with the fact that Cameron has been completely infatuated with Japanese anime for years now."
- Tanaka

Chinamation Über Alles

No doubt that as the original article linked to by Matt Alt in his blog entry is a little far-removed from the lingua franca for some of us, but the commentary from Tim Eldred and other of our own fine contributors goes quite some ways in summing-up the situation.

In a nutshell, the Japanese Anime Industry has been permanently outsourced. But we already knew this, right?

Tara-chan desu! ha ha

I hate Tarantino.

Jigglypuff is Satan

I know this old news, but it's still good.

Real Marriage, Virtual Girl Pt. II

Too add to DVC's post, here's the video:

Brain-melting Toy Goodness

Swiped from Matt.

Right about now I'm wishing it were Christmas in Japan circa 1978.

Fame and Anime

Meet Me At Comiket

Find more hits like "Guitar Hero Hero" and "RickRoll" at L33tStr33tBoys.

Source: via Japanator

Tokusatsu Gargleblaster!

While reading up on Matsushita yesterday I learned of their involvement with National Kid, a live action hero show from 1960 that I'd never heard of (news flash: I didn't grow up in Japan in the late 1950's) so I went to YouTube et viola, he's the first in a string of heroes in this brain-meltingly cool montage. After watching these cut scenes set to OP themes I'm convinced that the Toku shows post 1989 tend to bite. I'm also reminded of how weird Brazil is.

It keeps dancing and dancing . . .


h/t Tokyo Mango

Console Deaths By Girlfriends

NSFW = swearing.

XBox 360


Couldn't find a Wii getting trashed by a P.O.'ed girlfriend.


Dopey, but hey, this is P.G. and beer is just part of the equation.

Personally I think the profits should be used to send drunks into space : /

hat tip, Pink Tentacle

"Work with US, Viz!"

Just wow.

hattip Japanator.

Johnny Sokko on YouTube

Who knew MGM had the rights?

Frittering away the hours just got that much easier . . .

Tokyo Robotics Showcase

Something more light-hearted and hopeful.

Real Marriage, Virtual Girl

This is old news to some of you, but still worth a mention.

The comments are what I expected...

Consolidating Debt in Japan

The recession (and around here, the sad news about Japan's animators) got me to thinking about the different methods of debt consolidation used by the U.S. and Japan.

Granted, this author's conspiratorial-Left view of world history doesn't wash for everyone here, but I found it an interesting read.

Anime workers are unhappy

Japanese Anime Studios Feel Pressure From Unhappy Artists and Outsourcing - "A shrinking population of children in Japan has discouraged toy makers, television networks and other traditional sponsors from funding new programs. That has driven many anime studios—most of which are small shops—toward making animated soft porn and violent movies targeted at adult audiences. At the same time, YouTube and other free Internet services have hurt sales of DVDs. Sales of Japanese-made anime DVDs slid 18% from a year earlier to 72.8 billion yen (about $800 million) in 2008, after peaking at 93.7 billion yen in 2006, according to the Japan Video Software Association, a trade group.

Morale is low. Industry executives estimate nine out of 10 new workers quit within three years, with the many talented employees leaving for better-paying jobs in areas like videogames. A survey conducted this year for industry executives showed that animators in their 20s made just 1.1 million yen ($11,000) a year on average, while those in their 30s earned 2.1 million yen"

Go Sukashi

This is another project from Shoko Nakagawa and it looks like Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel is involved. Shokotan is probably best known in the U.S. for singing the opening to Gurren Lagenn. She's probably best known on PG for being the cute Japanese chick eating a cat's head. Kawaii but Psycho. Mu.

Source: via ANN

'Moe in the Military 2'

Unlike the Super-Deformed or chibi characterizations which pepper the anime and manga of my generation, I never quite understood the appeal of moe.

My initial, foolish, assumption that moe is a hyper-critical self-examination of the Phallic male gaze was very far from the mark -- pressure-cooker society and all aspects of sexual repression aside, PG pal Jason Thompson does an ace job here in describing what moe actually represents.

The Future of Comics (for balance)

The Future of Comics and Other Publishing
James Hudnall

You can probably date yourself by remembering how much comic books cost when you were a kid. Was it a dime, a quarter, a dollar? Can you believe they cost $4 now?

As the greenies would say, that’s unsustainable. Comic books used to be common. If you went in any kids house in the 50s or early 60s you would probably find some. Not so much anymore. Comics once sold everywhere magazines were sold. You could buy them in drug stores, supermarkets, seven-elevens, newsstands, even some liquor stores. But the so called “newsstand market” was a hostile place to comics publishers, and a shrinking one.

These days, it’s hard to find comics anywhere outside of the comic book store. That means that comics have become a “destination product.” It’s something you need to know where it’s sold, you have to physically go there and if you’re lucky, they might have what you’re looking for. However, most comics retailers order to sell out. So the odds are, you may be unlucky if you don’t come on “comics day,” the day the books come in from the distributor.

And that’s another problem with comics these days. There is only one distributor.

Manga in Japan: diminished hopes

Once again, Matt Alt has his eyes on the road ahead and gives us a heads-up. More commentary from Carl, Uncle Tim, and our very own B-Chan.

A good read, however depressing.

Veterans Day 2009

Germans in the Woods from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.

Heartfelt thanks to all military veterans on this day.

Godzilla from a Grunt's Perspective

By Kurt Schlichter

So, when it came time for our little girl to watch her first grown-up movie, I was torn between Saving Private Ryan and a film I have loved since I was a kid, Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Now, Private Ryan teaches important, practical lessons that every American should learn, like how to maneuver your infantry company across a beachhead under fire to wipe out a Nazi crew-served weapons bunker. On the other hand, Godzilla has a hideous dragon with radioactive breath. Tough call, but we decided to save Private Ryan for when she’s six – better late than never. (More)

AUM fifteen years later

Seeing as how I reviewed Kaplan and Marshall's "Cult at he End of the World" in the PG zine some years back, I thought this news to be pertinent. It also puts a reverse-spin on All the Cute.

Wasting bandwidth is fun

And I'm mean-spirited:

"She says in her profile that she’s 21 years old, but I’ve seen some speculation on the web that she’s actually around 14, which I tend to believe based on my hope that an adult would be able to come up with something a little more productive/interesting/relevant/useful."


(from Patrick's blog)

This is just good stuff.

Patrick Macias posted a few scans of some vintage "Jaws" manga he picked up his last trip to Tokyo (click the link to see awesome scans):

Kamishibai Komeback?

Over at his Facebook site, good buddy and fellow U.S. fan-oyaji Neil Nadelman can't help but wonder if the anime business is gone for good.

I think it probably is. Digital technology has destroyed the anime (and entertainment industry) business model. The writing was on the wall the day Mosaic was released. But railing against the downloaders is pointless; only a fool would pay for something that can be had for free. The only way to return the anime business to profitability would be to destroy the Internet and return to using analog VHS media... which isn't going to happen, barring the collapse of technological society.

Unfortunately, that puts all of us here in the U.S. anime biz out of work (I'm writing SEO website content for ambulance-chasing lawyers these days; I've had about three hours of voice acting work in the past six months) and leaves the anime studios in Japan with no way to make money. Just as downloading destroyed the music business as we knew it, it will bring down the anime business, too. Unlike musicians, however, we voice actors can't fall back on live performances as a means of earning our daily bread.

Or can we? Perhaps kamishibai is about to make a comeback...

Leo the Lion

Because Astro Boy put me in the mood for some old-school dubbing. Enjoy!

Why are sales of Anime down?

With all the cons out there and all the associated character goods being sold, it seems odd that sales of the actual DVDs and such would be at an all time low.

We've parsed this over at PSF and here Matt Alt gives some insight with help from Carl, Tim, and Uncle Steve.

P.S. Amazon sales must be booming...

Sing Along With STAR TREK

Ever wonder what the lyrics to the Bewitched theme song are? How about Mission: Impossible? Hogan's Heroes? I Love Lucy? Hawaii Five-O?

Wonder no more.

SDF Cookies!

Moe in the military!

Seasonal Stuff

Kickin' it old school with beer and pumpkins!

Because I'm old and don't "get it"

Can someone please explain this to me?

Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business « We Remember Love

Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business « We Remember Love: "Some considerations:

90% of anime and manga is crud (Sturgeon’s Revelation); or, 80% of the good stuff one gets out anime and manga comes from 20% of the examples (Pareto’s Principle, ‘The Law of the Vital Few’); take your pick. Either way, many shows people like will fall under the ‘not excellent’ spectrum of quality.

Most people won’t enjoy being identified with ‘bad’ taste. So with regards to liking anime/manga with questionable quality, a choice confronts the viewer:

1. I accept that this work as flawed/bad/terrible and that my taste is flawed/bad/terrible; or,
2. I reject the idea that the work is flawed/bad/terrible. Other people are wrong.

While I think that this is a false dichotomy… and an easily enough deconstructed binary, I posit that more often than not (even without statistics to back up my claim) this is the choice that presents itself first. This is the choice architecture that determines people’s behavior more than calm reflection and expression.

When people actually choose #1, or are ‘forced to’ due to overall consensus that a show is terrible (e.g. Akikan) they often play a card that allows them to pretend that"

Elvira on Stan Lee on American Comics

"The comic-book industry, in general, is kind of in trouble. It’s going the way the music industry is. I had a meeting with Stan Lee about a year ago to talk about doing another comic book—he’s always been a big fan of Elvira—and he said—and this is coming from Mr. Comic Book himself—“Get out of comic books! Forget it! It’s over! It’s done! All people want to do is get on the Internet!” I’m happy that I did all those comic books; I have them all, and it was a really cool thing to do. I still, of course, go to Comic-Con every year. But even Comic-Con is less about comic books now and more about Hollywood. It’s a freaking nightmare." -- Source

Because I needed a laugh

Go ahead and tell me that this doesn't rule.

In Wacky, Wonderful Osaka...

A businessman built a nearly 1/1 scale replica of an English countryside chapel.

Vegas, eat yer heart out!

Another Astro Review

This one gets pretty darn funny towards the end.


Bonus: it's a little weird, too:

Astro Toy!

The figures still haven't hit the Target and/or Wal*Mart locations but you fast food fans can expect to find a little love in your Happy Meal.

"Naughty Comics" and Nerd Rage

One can only wonder what's gonna happen when these folks find a copy of Queen's Blade.

Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi

From Astro Boy to Incarceration

Anime has come a long way in the past 50 years....

Next time stick to Playboy for your kicks, kids!

Tales of Forgotten Dorks

WOE BE UNTO US! For we have shamefully forgotten the comrades who have fought and died to bring us this oh-so-mighty FANDUMB!

Someone pass the tissues . . .

Creature from the Nishizaki Wax Museum

(translated from the Japanese)

Q: Is it real or fake?

A: It is Nishizaki! HAHAHAHAHAHA

One giant leap for chogokin(d)....

I was turned on to this by a fellow TBDXer; apparently, Bandai is putting out a 1/144 Apollo 11 set...even at 1/144, this thing is MASSIVE...Eagle, Saturn rocket, the works (I assume for the 40th anniversary of the moon landing). The set looks amazing, but also carries an amazing price tag of Y52,500 (about 580 of our pathetic American dollars). Still, I will give Bandai credit for some creative releases.

'Do You Remember Love?' Composer Kazuhiko Katoh Found Hanged (Updated) - Anime News Network

'Do You Remember Love?' Composer Kazuhiko Katoh Found Hanged (Updated) - Anime News Network: "Kazuhiko Katoh, the co-founder of two musical bands and the composer of the main theme songs for The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Windaria, was found hanged in his hotel room in Nagano Prefecture on Saturday. He was 62. The local authorities believe he had committed suicide, due to two copies of a last will that he reportedly had left in his room."

Astro Boy -- Film Review

Astro Boy -- Film Review: "Designed to cater to older kids and their nostalgic parents, the heavily marketed Summit Entertainment release could be well-positioned to attract a sizable demographic."

Hollywood Reporter reviews Astro Boy, seems to think it's ok.

Koizumi the King

But when will Obama get to play an UltraBrother? We already know he's post-racial...

Newsflash: Oshii's latest film is kooky

Live action Angel's Egg? In the Aftermath 2?

Waiter, I'll have one of what Oshii-san is having!

Looking at the domestic Manga Market

Dark Horse Comic's Carl Horn provides his perspective, and it makes for a pretty good read.

1/35 RX-78-2 - Soul of Tamashii

Watch and drool.

Anybody got a cool $500 USD?

'Astro Boy': The Latest in Line of Left-Leaning Animated Films? - Inside Movies

'Astro Boy': The Latest in Line of Left-Leaning Animated Films? - Inside Movies: "Crude posters of Lenin and Trotsky adorn the threadbare walls of an office in a desolate part of town, and a group of outcast revolutionaries hatch a scheme to overthrow the ruling powers and bring equality and a classless society to mankind. The beginning of an Eisenstein film? Bunuel? Renoir?"

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Astro Boy World Premiere in Tokyo:

Astro Boy Movie TOYS

No doubt these won't be the only ones.

Pics from the 49th All Japan Model Hobby Show

Check 'em out here.

Astro Boy Sequel -- wtf?

Talk about jumping the gun!

My best guess is that the first one won't hit the hoped-for numbers, thus making a potential franchise far from a given. I mean, even factoring-in the world market we're still talking about residuals for the not-cheap Hollywood voice cast.

An' the other thing? Toys haven't hit yet and the flick hits in two weeks -- what's up with that? Resident Target Troll Fran will be on that literally as it rolls off the trucks, and I expect a full, squealing fanboy review as soon as he gets internet back (can you believe I helped his ass move yet AGAIN?)

P.S. Anyone got the 411 on Imagi's Gatchaman flick?!?!?