'Astro Boy': The Latest in Line of Left-Leaning Animated Films? - Inside Movies

'Astro Boy': The Latest in Line of Left-Leaning Animated Films? - Inside Movies: "Crude posters of Lenin and Trotsky adorn the threadbare walls of an office in a desolate part of town, and a group of outcast revolutionaries hatch a scheme to overthrow the ruling powers and bring equality and a classless society to mankind. The beginning of an Eisenstein film? Bunuel? Renoir?"

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Astro Boy World Premiere in Tokyo:


Tohoscope said...

I wonder if this guy ever saw Tezuka's METROPOLIS?

What the hell?

Tohoscope said...

Oh man, the comments for that article are gold. In-freakin'-sane.

DVC said...

Thanks for the laughs, these folks are looking a little too deeply into it I'd say!

The other thought that crossed my mind: aside from the comedy aspect, aren't the robots rebelling and unionizing in this? In which case the iconography serves a strictly emblematic role within the confines of the film, rather than as a propagandistic one for those viewing the film.

Tohoscope said...

Watch or read the Blue Knight stories. Politically they are very interesting as they were written during the height of the Communist/student protests in Japan. And, SPOILER, Atom sacrifices himself to save both the robots and humans from destruction.

I mean, in the end Atom is and always will be a hero to everybody. That's the way I look at it.