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Iron Sky Trailer 2 - Kickin' Nazi Arse

Looks like the Finnish filmmakers have raised 90% of the $8.5 million they had budgeted and will begin shooting this fall.

Here's the second trailer:

Here's the first one again if you missed it.

Iron Sky Official Site.

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AT-AT Day Afternoon

Not a cat or dog person? How about an AT-AT person? You still have the clean up after the things though.

New Yamato Trailer

Comics - News - Live-action 'Akira' gets fast-tracked - Digital Spy

Comics - News - Live-action 'Akira' gets fast-tracked - Digital Spy

“Akira happens to be something that Warner Brothers management loves. They see value in the franchise,” Lanzar told Collider.

Proof positive that Warner Brothers Management has their collective heads still too far up their own asses.

Seriously. AKIRA is over 20 years old. The boat on this has sailed long ago. Nobody cares or wants a live action AKIRA movie. It's over and done. Move on to something new.

Mattel Mind-Melt 3 - Major Matt Mason

This is related, and weird.

Mattel Mind-melt 2

H/T That's Euro Beat

Mattel Mind-melt*

*Folks younger than about 40 might not get this same effect . . .

VD Gaijin -- 15 years later

This is what Shogo (one of PG's original contributors) has been up to. There may no longer be a pgaijin.com, but he is making some fine ambient music - Enjoy! : )

P.S. Shogo's debut, Extended Play release "Canticles for Seraphim" is available as a digital-download here

This Is Very Scary

Apparently to mark the 18th celebration of burger month (???) White Castle sold a candle in the shape of the box their "burgers" come in. It was also scented like the burgers. Why does the thought of striking a match near this thing scare me?

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HalCali - Tandem

JPop and post modern hipsterism never seems to grow old :P

File Under: Stupid Japan

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The Golf Club made a grave error…

Mario, Up Against The Wall

Stop motion animation done by Japanese high school students. They didn't let us do anything like this in art class. Very cool.

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Star Wars, Daft Punk, Adidas and more

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"The Gift"

This short was directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, a fellow who's being called Ridley Scott's protege. Rinsch is currently linked to remakes of Logan's Run, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and other remakes of now-classic SF and world cinema.

Did I just see the 47 Ronin in there? Yep . . .

Japanese PM Hatoyama to Resign


"Simple Anime" in Japan

I ganked this from Japan Probe, and no, I don't really *get* it, but it seems to me that someone's been watching a lot of Adult Swim . . .