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Bomb#20 said...

Thanks for posting that.

I knew a Japanese war bride and the marriage sucked. They stuck with it until he died, but she was really unhappy in it. She wanted to be "free" and he was controlling.

DVC said...

Awesome find, Bruce.

At this point in time, looking back, I find it really amazing to think that there were so many Japanese war brides.

I also forgot (a little) about the law prohibiting Japanese immigration to the U.S. prior to World War II.

Bruce Lewis said...

My Aunt C is a Japanese lady. She practically raised me. My late uncle married her in 1955 and they were happy.

She was a little girl during the war, but remembers it well. It must have been strange for her, going from shabby, war-torn Fukuoka to 1950s Golden Age America.

DVC said...

@ B-Chan

After all these years and I was not aware of your Japanese auntie!

In retrospect, this explains a great deal : )

I only ever had Japanese friends in grade school/junior high, none of whom shared the distinction of being the children of war brides and U.S. servicemen.

Great history lesson right here...