No Humor at BB

NSFW (Language)

Apparently this was done by a Best Buy employee on his own time. BB corporate found out somehow and might be trying to fire him because they were afraid what apple/at&t would think. If they would have shut up and looked the other way they wouldn't be getting all this attention. Way to go.

And to be fair to the iPhone fans, the "rebuttal" (again, NSFW).

via Tech Crunch


DVC said...

Mildly amusing.

Apple-lovers are definitely a tribe unto themselves, and some dedicated PC folks make the switch, but only to be dogged by less-than-perfect platforms and system crashes that "weren't supposed to happen -- it's a MAC!"

Ask Shogo about the fun he had porting all of his compositions over to Mac from PC, and the additional fun he had when his Mac Mini crashed, etc.

Life as an Apple-user is not the bowl of cherries that Steve Jobs would have you believe it is : )

Now where's my damn NASCAR app?