RIP James MacArthur

The original 'Danno' and also a Disney kid.

I'm not a fan of the new Hawaii Five-O, personally, but hey, I'm a grump!

EDIT: RIP "Mister C" Tom Bosley and "June Cleaver", Barbara Billingsly.

Tough week for TV junkies...

Remember A Day

"Remember a Day"-A Star Blazers Retrospective from Corn Pone Flicks on Vimeo.

CPF looks back at one of the greatest animated programs ever made-see? We are capable of liking things! Honest!

Tetsujin 28 -- GO!!!

Metric ton of "Gigantor" cover art over at Pink Tentacle.

Holy crap, I want one of these posterized and on my wall!

Boxed sets of Classics

I went to Suncoast today to pick up the Speed Racer "Mach 5" boxed-set that's been moldering away on the shelf for the past five years, only to find it gone (bummer). This of course means that I'll need to get it online, which is probably do-able.

But what about all the other classic Japanese cartoon series of yore? I see that there's a Kimba set and some dodgy-looking 8th Man, but I'm wondering if I'm missing any -- did Marine Boy ever see a proper DVD release?

Do you remember that ol' lullabye?

Crusty ol' Out Magazine cover gallery -- also Japanese Starlog . . .

Hattip: Matt Alt.

Hot Old Cars

I'm pretty sure that some of these concepts saw the light of day as "Hot Wheels" cars.

H/T Pink Tentacle

Magoo goes stag

Truth in Advertising

"Cheap and Ugly"

We could all go for a little more truth in our ads, and 66 MPG ain't bad -- take that SMART Car!

I need a shower . . .

After all this sofubi and delicately hand-painted plastic, that is.

P.S. The most exotic Japanese toy stuff I recall from the late 1970s/early 1980s was Godzilla monsters in local gumball machines!

Commerical Beer - Fine Art

These folks in Oregon are even more nuts about their spendy beer hobby than I am! They're much better artists than me, though, so maybe they can afford to buy all of that beer with all of the paintings that they do on commission?

I wonder how much it would cost to commission a can of Black Label . . .

Just because . . .

The Yellow Fever is runnin' wild in the comments section here, but I found this one somewhat interesting nonetheless.

I like the .33 cent kind . . .

cool noodle
Uploaded by togo555togo. - Have a look at more lifestyle videos.This article and video on ramen is making me drool . . .