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Hi all,

I probably haven't spoken to some of you in a while but I just wanted to give all of you a heads up that a site that I was tricked into visiting to see a friend's message spammed of my GMail contacts. So if you get an email from Badoo purporting to be from me, ignore it. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Eeeperschoice Tohoblog, Phillip left a message for you

Phillip left a message for you

Only you can see the sender and content of your message, and you can delete it anytime. You can instantly reply using our message exchange system:

Check your message

This email is part of our delivery procedure for the message sent by Phillip. If you have received this email by mistake, please ignore it. The message will be deleted soon.

Have fun!
The Badoo Team

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Ike Reiko: Queen of Blue Movies

Rare single from 1971.

Anime Convention Bizarrely Offers Established Cosplayer a Stripper Gig in Exchange for $200 and Snacks

Anime Convention Bizarrely Offers Established Cosplayer a Stripper Gig in Exchange for $200 and Snacks: Ginny McQueen, a costumer of 14 years who works full-time as Director of New Media for, the largest cosplay website on the internet, recently received a proposal from an anime convention in Las Vegas offering her $200, snacks, and two free tickets in exchange for a "live burlesque performance" that would require McQueen to strip down to her undergarments (lingerie or pasties!) and dance for hours on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Vintage Toy Robots


No comment.

Howard Stern on BronyCon

It was only a matter of time...

Chinese Football = World Domination

"Tron: Uprising"

Don't listen, LISTEN

Dim the lights, burn the incense...

Mospeada Kitbashin'

The ultimate modeler's guide to creating a life-sized replicate for fun and profit. Now, how's he gonna make that mofo transform?

Official 2012 Presidential Predictions

Hungry yet?

Here's a handy guide to local Ramen options from a local foodie blog in Minnecrapolis. 'Bout time we had a few such options; Obento-Ya sounds damn good right about now.

Only in Toronto...

I missed Valentine's Day

Notorious MSG is in the House

See it while you can

The Secret World of Arietty

"Lupin Jazz"

My 'Disco Kick' of the day winds down via Yuji Ohno's score for Captain Future.

Ya never know just what sort of fun you'll find while brushing-away the cobwebs on YouTube : )

Manga Publishing is Dying

But you knew that already.