A Rude Awakening. . .

Akihabara News shows the japanese solution to snoozebar slamming: compressed air backbreaking..Posted by Hello

A Japanese boy models a knife-resistant coat in this handout photo released by the maker, Madre in Fukuoka, western Japan July 22, 2004. The coat, made from the same fibres used in police and military knife-proof and bullet-proof vests, is the latest product aimed at providing parental peace of mind in Japanese society horrified by a series of gruesome attacks on children. REUTERS/Madre/Handout Posted by Hello

Hideaki Anno on the big screen

Hideaki Anno shows off his acting chops in Katsuhito Ishii's live action film Cha no Aji (A Taste of Tea) The movie has been released by Grasshoppa Films who were also responsible for DEAD LEAVES. We're just using this as an excuse to post pictures of CUTIE HONEY. . .  Posted by Hello

Courtney Love: USA Today, Tomorrow THE WORLD

Ripped from the headlines: USA Today has an article about Courtney Love and her PRINCESS AI pitch to TokyoPOP. See inane blather from CEO Stu Levy and some guy with the lame handle of "D.J. Milky" and wonder exactly why a has-been out-of-control wannabe rocker has a manga bookdeal. . .  Posted by Hello

TIME Reviews Osama Tezuka's PHOENIX

From TIME Online Magazine Comix review: "This counterpoint of seriousness and play manifests itself most fundamentally in the artwork. The characters appear mostly in a silly 'cartoon' style, with tropes like exaggerated brows, buckteeth and expressive eyes. (Tezuka defies expectations of what Japanese 'manga' looks like.) These caricatures are then set against highly detailed backgrounds, with Tezuka often taking extra panels, or even entire two-page spreads, just to linger on the environments. He has such a mastery of the form that while providing every necessary panel to tell the story he has extra space just for breathing room." Posted by Hello

Space Maetel

New Galaxy Express 999 Official Website Open Posted by Hello

Otakon call for submissions

First Submission for the Otakon Psychommu Gajin, and that's all we've got. We need your anime and manga reviews and con reports! Deadline is July 25th! Head over to PsychommuSlamFest for details!
Fake NEW YORKER Cartoon 001
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Shin Tanaka's Collection

Here's an alternative to spending $$$ on those cool toy figures. Shin Tanaka has created Papercraft versions of his favorite collection and offered them as a free download. Just print out the PDF files and get out your xacto knife and gluestick. Just like making zines... Posted by Hello

Down on the Monkey Farm...

Rebuilding your riceburner not enough of a challange? Are you a fan of Armored Trooper Votoms? Check out this japanese blog detailing the construction of a lifesized Scope Dog. Don't forget the red sholder! Heads up from Duality Posted by Hello

Sakigake!! Cromartie High School Live Action Movie?

Animaxis reports that a Sakigake!! Cromartie High School live action movie is in the works, expect a cast of wrestlers and boxers... Posted by Hello

Bone Manga?

Newsarama reports that Jeff Smith's BONE has been licensed by Scholastic to be republished in it's new Graphix imprint in the spring of 2005. The books will be in color, issued twice a year, and will be in a size reminiscent of manga trim, 6x9 inches. Posted by Hello

That's no secret. . . .

Can you spot the errors on this cover? Posted by Hello

Anime Freaks

Anime freaks

Final Fantasy animation series fans dressed in character costumes pose for photos at the Anime Expo 2004 (AX2004) at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, USA.

The event is organized by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) to promote Japanese anime and manga. Posted by Hello

Psychommu Gajin at G-FEST 2004!

Some of the PG crew will be at G-FEST passing out copies of the latest Psychommu Gaijin Zine! Look for the flyers and keep watching the skies!!!
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Just in time for G-FEST see the original uncut version of GODZILLA when it comes to your town! Posted by Hello