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Too cool.

Matt Alt: Ninja Informer


Everything you wanted to know about Ninja but were afraid if you asked they'd kill you in your sleep.

The Unfriendly Skies

Yet another meaningless post on my blog.

2ch Responds to Scanslation Crackdown

What does Japan think of Scanslations? Quite a bit.

Daniel Lau has posted translations of 2ch comments and opinions on the news of the recent shutdown of popular scanslation sites, including One Manga. It makes for some interesting reading. Recommended.

Sucker Punch

This one has zepplins, dragons, and samurai. Should be double billed with Iron Sky.

Underdog... or Überhund?

 Adolf Hitler was infamous for many things, but among the late Führer‘s most well-remembered obsessions was eugenics — the practice of breeding human beings in order to improve the race. In his rantings, he alluded to Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch, or “overman”, as the hoped-for end result of the Nazi eugenics effort. (It is important to note that Hitler’s concept of the Übermensch was different from Nietzsche’s in many ways.) This superbeing, the product of “pure Aryan blood”, was, in Hitler’s view, the only hope for mankind — a being of great power and will, capable of destroying the Jews and other “mud races” and rescuing the German nation from their evil aspirations.

Interestingly, parallels exist between the Nazi idea of the Übermensch and characters and situations found in the animated television series Underdog (Total Television, 1964). While the persons involved in the production of Underdog were obviously not Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, or proponents of eugenics, it is possible to view the series as a textual allegory of the Übermensch myth.

Underdog is the key...
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Gundam UC . . .

I still wanna buy the Blu-Ray, just ain't gots no playa . . .


Am I too much of a geek if I get nostalgic after I watch this?

Nick Cage + Japanese TV = WTF

Where's Tara-Chan when ya need him?

Hat Tip, Japan Probe

Star Wars in the Subway

Improv on the New York subway with Star Wars.


Yes, Please!

I wonder; Complimentary Pra-Mo in First Class?

Peter Fernandez (1927-2010)

ANN reports that Peter Fernandez has died.

The Thought of This Flowchart Just Blows My Mind

Everyone Needs To Pay The Rent Somehow

New Stuff on Flickr

I just finished a hueg update to my Flickr site. It's chockful of downloadable fun -- new stuff in B-CHAN SKETCHBOOK and THE COOL EYE sets. Drop by!

Japanese Coffee Blended with Bock?

Yes, please. I could use one about now...

H/T Rakuten Japan

Mike Tooles' World Cup Diary

First Fandom now Mandom

100% Pure Win or just WTF?

Gamblin' with Gojira

Coming Soon: Hong Kong Phooey

A live action+CGI Smurfs movie can only mean that Hollywood is mining deep for ideas.

Courtesy of Yahoo

'Airbender' and Misperceptions

A lot of ink has been spilled over this, and I'm still scratching my head.

In recent weeks, M. Knight Shylaman has done a sound (if p-o'd, frenetic) job in explaining his casting decisions, and yet the True Believers aren't satisfied.

I really wish the show's original creators would chime in on this just to stir the already troubled waters some more...

Your Weekly Dose of Stupid

"As much as I would love to hail Miyazaki as being pure and untouched; as someone who was as excited as you seem to be introduced to his work, some facts are in order.

Early work shows him very much aware of the world's power structures with overt references to Intelligence, the UN, occult ritualistic leadership etc." - J.H.

Since late last year The Website Formerly Known As "Save the Males.com" has become a repository for articles and missives from a variety of weekly guests, with occasional encore articles from the site's founder, Dr. Henry Makow.

Any of Dr. Makow's long time readers* would tell you that some truly ridiculous claptrap has been posted at said site in the past 8 months or so, but this article really tickled my fancy.

P.S. Here is Dr. Makow's take on 'My Neighbor Totoro'

H/T Jeff Rense

*I include myself among this number @_@

No Humor at BB

NSFW (Language)

Apparently this was done by a Best Buy employee on his own time. BB corporate found out somehow and might be trying to fire him because they were afraid what apple/at&t would think. If they would have shut up and looked the other way they wouldn't be getting all this attention. Way to go.

And to be fair to the iPhone fans, the "rebuttal" (again, NSFW).

via Tech Crunch