2ch Responds to Scanslation Crackdown

What does Japan think of Scanslations? Quite a bit.

Daniel Lau has posted translations of 2ch comments and opinions on the news of the recent shutdown of popular scanslation sites, including One Manga. It makes for some interesting reading. Recommended.


DVC said...

I'm surprised it took as long as it did for the crackdown to happen, but not at all surprised that it will result in much gnashing of teeth.

Thanks for the link!

Bomb#20 said...

I could go off on each of those points, but why waste my time.

Some of the bad includes seeing that xenophobia is alive and well.

Some of the good is seeing that some on 2ch seem to be recognizing that the fandumb and business is done differently on each of the pacific.

I liked the first three exchanges:

If they can make money selling manga in other countries, by all means.
But it doesn’t seem to be expanding very well. I wonder why.
Just seems like a lost opportunity …

Japanese companies have always sucked at that.
If they did it right they could seriously cash in, too.

Yeah. Crushing these sites isn’t the be all and end all.
The real work’s in the business side.
(Italics are mine.)

I'll leave it there for now.

Bruce Lewis said...

Now I'll never get to read the end of CANNON GOD EXAXXION, the manga too hot for America...

Tohoscope said...

Bomb- I was amused by the haters, it's funny to see the similarities between the two fandumbs.

Also the "Make your own manga, foreign devils, so we can steal it," made me laugh hard.

Bomb#20 said...

Toho - The one that made me laugh was, "The idiots are always the loudest. How’s that any different from us?" comment.