Your Weekly Dose of Stupid

"As much as I would love to hail Miyazaki as being pure and untouched; as someone who was as excited as you seem to be introduced to his work, some facts are in order.

Early work shows him very much aware of the world's power structures with overt references to Intelligence, the UN, occult ritualistic leadership etc." - J.H.

Since late last year The Website Formerly Known As "Save the" has become a repository for articles and missives from a variety of weekly guests, with occasional encore articles from the site's founder, Dr. Henry Makow.

Any of Dr. Makow's long time readers* would tell you that some truly ridiculous claptrap has been posted at said site in the past 8 months or so, but this article really tickled my fancy.

P.S. Here is Dr. Makow's take on 'My Neighbor Totoro'

H/T Jeff Rense

*I include myself among this number @_@