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Still some work to do. Remember, the deadline for the AKon issue of Psychommu Gaijin is June 1st!
AKon Cover
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Listen to the Human Beatbox/Bobby McFerrin of Japan, except he likes to do covers of King Crimson and Steely Dan songs.

"As a five-year-old child, Dokaka hummed along with melodies on television, but one day plugged headphones into the TV, discovering that the sounds in his head matched those piping through the headphones. He quickly realized that songs consist of many parts like bass, drums, etc. Within a year, he began to record himself humming."

"At 18, Dokaka started drumming in bands, and four years later stumbled upon his childhood recordings, reigniting his interest in humming. He was first heard humming by others when his band's bassist missed practice, so he hummed the bassline. The band's singer found the humming catchy and recommended professional recording. Dokaka financed and produced his own recordings and uploaded them to the internet, dubbing himself with the onomatopoeic name "Dokaka" from his drum-derived humming sounds!"

G-FEST 2004 Psychommu Gaijin Call for SUBMISSIONS!

Mecha Godzilla Wallpaper from 2chan... Posted by Hello

PG will be representing and in effect at G-FEST July 9-11, and we'll be armed with a Sentai/Kaiju themed issue of Psychommu Gaijin! We're looking for articles, reviews, opinions, noise, illos, doodles, about Godzilla, Gamera, Ultra Man, Kamen Rider, etc... Go to PsychommuSlamFest for more details. And check back here for updates...

AKon 2004 Psychommu Gaijin Call for SUBMISSIONS!

The AKon 2004 issue of Pyschommu Gaijin is being put together right now, but there's still time to submit your reviews, opinion pieces, spot illos, manga/comix, commentary and reports from the field. Head over to PsychommuSlamFest for more info!

Deadline is JUNE 1ST, 2004! Mark your calendars!!!

Anime Central 2004 Psychommu Gaijin Zine Online

Click here for the ACen 2004 zine. Requires Adobe PDF Reader...