PixelSurgeon reviews Hideshi Hino's LIVING CORPSE... Posted by Hello

The ONION's A.V. Club interviews Beat Takeshi! Posted by Hello

And yet Yaoi-Con continues...

Shoujocon CANCELLED! Posted by Hello

4chan, back for the fifth time... Posted by Hello

Do we have a contingency plan for an attack by kickboxing robots?

This year's winner robot 2325-RV, left, developed by the Humanoid Project from Kyushu University, bangs on its opponent HAJIME ROBOT, developed by Hajime Sakamoto, with both arms during the semifinal match of the Sixth Robot-One Contest in Kawasaki, southwest of Tokyo, Sunday, Aug. 8, 2004. Some 90 robots running on software developed by amateurs from across Japan and South Korea gathered for a kickboxing match for walking robots. (AP Photo/Chiaki Tsukumo)  Posted by Hello


A new movie released in Japan with some great visuals. Take a deep bonghit and watch the trailer... Posted by Hello

Cream Lemon Liveaction Movie Website is UP!

Remember the Cream Lemon anime? Check out the trailer for the Liveaction version.... Posted by Hello

On the Killing Floor

Shifty tiles bring walking to VR TRN 081104: Technology Research News reports that Research Labs in Japan have constructed a moving floor that allows the user to stay in place while walking in a virtual environment. Wish they had video of this...  Posted by Hello

George Lucas opens Anime Studio in Singapore

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Lucas already has plans for "Special Edition" anime...


Mundee points us to Bandai's FANTASTIC CHILDREN which has a very Miyazaki flavor to it. Turns out that the staff is composed of Studio Ghibli alumni... Posted by Hello

Anime just wants to be free

Technology Review: When Piracy Becomes Promotion
Technology Review brings us a look at how The underground subtitling and circulation of Japanese anime helped to open the American market to Asian cultural imports.

Four Die in Steam Leak at Japan Nuclear Plant

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Godzilla blamed....

U.S. comics waging battle of survival against imports

Ravalli Republic Online
The Ravalli Republic (Serving the Bitterroot Since 1889) reports the epic battle between Supa-hero comics and the tidal wave of Manga on the frontlines of Missoula Montana. But why aren't the people who bought tickets to see SPIDER-MAN 2 buying American Comics???

The Blackboard Jungle of Japan

Youth Violence Has Japan Struggling for Answers
The Washington Post has an article online that'll bring you up to date on the latest thrill killing kids acting up in Japanese schools. They call it KIRERU, blame it on the usually suspects...TV, Movies, the Internet, Video Games...

Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Gothic/Lolita

Boing Boing reports a site where Japanese Cosplayers are "stageing" a recreation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The creepy lolita undertones of the literary classic are now even more apparent... Posted by Hello