Underdog... or Überhund?

 Adolf Hitler was infamous for many things, but among the late Führer‘s most well-remembered obsessions was eugenics — the practice of breeding human beings in order to improve the race. In his rantings, he alluded to Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch, or “overman”, as the hoped-for end result of the Nazi eugenics effort. (It is important to note that Hitler’s concept of the Übermensch was different from Nietzsche’s in many ways.) This superbeing, the product of “pure Aryan blood”, was, in Hitler’s view, the only hope for mankind — a being of great power and will, capable of destroying the Jews and other “mud races” and rescuing the German nation from their evil aspirations.

Interestingly, parallels exist between the Nazi idea of the Übermensch and characters and situations found in the animated television series Underdog (Total Television, 1964). While the persons involved in the production of Underdog were obviously not Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, or proponents of eugenics, it is possible to view the series as a textual allegory of the Übermensch myth.

Underdog is the key...
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