Commerical Beer - Fine Art

These folks in Oregon are even more nuts about their spendy beer hobby than I am! They're much better artists than me, though, so maybe they can afford to buy all of that beer with all of the paintings that they do on commission?

I wonder how much it would cost to commission a can of Black Label . . .


Bruce Lewis said...

Mabel! Black Label!
Carling Black Label Beer!

At a swanky club or the corner pub
At bars from border to border
The beer they name is always the same
[WHISTLE] is how they order

In a big chateau or a bungalow
Wherever there's a table
That favorite beer always brings a cheer
And a whistle for Black Label!

Mabel! [WHISTLE] Black Label!
Carling Black Label Beer!
It's the premium brew at the popular price
Enjoy the best! Take our advice!
Get Carling Black Label!
Carling Black Label Beer!

(I wouldn't recommend whistling up a waitress or bartender like a dog at the places I drink...)

DVC said...

Hah! Thanks for the jingle lyrics, Bruce!

One of these days I've gotta post a photo of my kit-bashed Black Label bowling shirt . . .