Iron Sky Trailer 2 - Kickin' Nazi Arse

Looks like the Finnish filmmakers have raised 90% of the $8.5 million they had budgeted and will begin shooting this fall.

Here's the second trailer:

Here's the first one again if you missed it.

Iron Sky Official Site.

via Wired


Bomb#20 said...

I'd rather see an oddball flick like this than a Akira movie.

Tohoscope said...

I second that.

Anonymous said...


P.S. Mamoru Oshii probably wet himself at about :17 in that second trailer : P


P.S. I think I'll pass this on to my favorite wargaming anti-Nazi Finns @_@

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. The trailer for StarWreck (their B5 meets Star Trek spoof) looks pretty fab, too:


Bruce Lewis said...

Ted Nomura is cumming in his pants tonight.

Bomb#20 said...

@ Bruce

Did he know about Dead Snow?

Trailer (possibly NSFW)

I like the Braindead shirt the one fanboy is wearing.

DVC said...

@ Bruce

Bonus Points! Ted Nomura = lulz