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Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business « We Remember Love: "Some considerations:

90% of anime and manga is crud (Sturgeon’s Revelation); or, 80% of the good stuff one gets out anime and manga comes from 20% of the examples (Pareto’s Principle, ‘The Law of the Vital Few’); take your pick. Either way, many shows people like will fall under the ‘not excellent’ spectrum of quality.

Most people won’t enjoy being identified with ‘bad’ taste. So with regards to liking anime/manga with questionable quality, a choice confronts the viewer:

1. I accept that this work as flawed/bad/terrible and that my taste is flawed/bad/terrible; or,
2. I reject the idea that the work is flawed/bad/terrible. Other people are wrong.

While I think that this is a false dichotomy… and an easily enough deconstructed binary, I posit that more often than not (even without statistics to back up my claim) this is the choice that presents itself first. This is the choice architecture that determines people’s behavior more than calm reflection and expression.

When people actually choose #1, or are ‘forced to’ due to overall consensus that a show is terrible (e.g. Akikan) they often play a card that allows them to pretend that"


DVC said...

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Methinks yon kiddies need to get out for more sunlight an fresh air.

I mean, from the looks of their blogroll these people are of the generation that critiques anime based on the torrented fansubs they've seen -- they put my own VHS-duping cellar-dwelling 1980s fanboyass to shame in terms of sheer geekery...

Drop and gimme twenty!