Pokémon wants your soul!

Hello and thanks to Danno for inviting me to contribute in my terrible way to this enterprise! I promise I won't bore you. Much.

Apparently Satan is behind Pokémon! Yes, I was as shocked as you are! Because after watching this vaguely annoying bloke, I too made the connection to gang violence, prime time TV, .45's and one of Nintendo's flagship titles. It's not enough that D'n'D has corrupted our morally upright youth! Now they want children to join them in their ungodly practices! I particularly thought of Satan when the pastor/reverend/jedi/sithlord/whatever flashed an image of Jigglypuff on the screen. Dammit, I'm incensed! I'm going now with my Christian brethren to storm Satoru Iwata's office right now!

Via Topless Robot from Everything Is Terrible


Tohoscope said...

Welcome. Help yourself to a beer and join the fun.