Doraemon wishes everyone a Merry Christmas...and offers free rides on his bus


Anonymous said...

In Japan, your Magical Mystery Tour Guide is a robotic cat -- beats Peter Panda or Erin eSurance, eh? : )

(blizzard-ed out, on an old p.c....)

Bomb#20 said...

Merry Xmas hillsy. That's one party bus I think is PG worthy. How well is the bar stocked?

Anonymous said...

The bar is stocked with Hoppy and shoju, plus a case each of LaTrappe Quadrupel and Mad Dog 20/20.

(caffeinated & too lazy to log in ; )

hillsy said...

DeeVeeCee knows how I roll...and don't forget the wafers! Happy Horrydays to my PG brethren!