Amuro Sings With Amuro

Singer Namie Amuro is singing with Amuro Ray (v.a. Tohru Furuya) in her latest video "Defend Love". From ANN, "Ever since she was a child, Namie Amuro held a special affinity for the Amuro Ray character due to their similar names, and she personally asked for the character to appear in the video to honor the 30th anniversary of Gundam." More info at ANN.

via ANN


DVC said...

I really want to like this, but the concept of new animation blended with footage from Mobile Suit Gundam was difficult to achieve. I'd say it's just too incongruous overall. The song doesn't really move me either, but I'm not really a fan.

Still interesting enough, though.

B-chan said...

I actually liked the song. Not really my idiom, but catchy.

I laughed when I saw that Miss Amuro was portrayed as piloting the Hermes/Elmeth. Shades of Lala Soong! Another victim of Amuro Rey buzzkill...