That didn't take long

"I think the over-stylization of the Na'vi might also have something to do with the fact that Cameron has been completely infatuated with Japanese anime for years now."
- Tanaka


Tohoscope said...

What? No Gamilons?

Anonymous said...

Gamilons aren't bigger than humans, silly!

Cameron is a hack.

Tohoscope said...

True. But he's a rich hack.

DVC said...

Avatar is the sort of flick Fran would drag me to: big spectacle, lots of flash. The sort of movie that everybody sees because "Everybody's Seeing It! You have to go!"

No thanks, it's not for me, and not just because of the over-use of glorified 'Playstation cut-scene' CGI. It's not even the film's overt anti-war stance, I can handle that. What I don't really care for is Cameron using the most expensive movie of all time as a way to posit his political stance.

Personally, I'm waiting for the *other* Avatar movie, one that will be without any sort of political baggage whatsoever - oh wait:

Tohoscope said...

Dude, I just don't go to movies anymore. Don't need the hassle.

Plus, I got better things to do. And if I wanna see a movie I've got a stack of 'em I still haven't watched yet. VHS forever!

Bomb#20 said...

Now on to Battle Angel Alita.

From an MTV interview:

"The mixture of live-action and CG is a little trickier in 3-D than it is 2-D," Cameron told MTV News. "Now we see it's good to have done 'Avatar' first before 'Battle Angel,' because the tricky scenes are where you're blending live-action photography, stereoscopic photography and CG."