Space Adventure Cobra Live Action

What do you follow up a movie like Piranha 3D with? Terasawa Buichi's Cobra!


Anonymous said...

Okay, now this one looks "okay" based only on the poster.

On the one hand it's such a stylistically distinct property that I can only imagine it as being an unchanging specimen from an era of classic TMS productions, rather than today's era of resplendent, anything-is-possible CGI.

As I recall, the main story arc also takes a while to build up a head of steam, and as such might not translate well in today's era of stories being instantly-gripping (or else Instant Failure).

I'd say file this one under "Potential For Dashed Hopes" ; )

Bruce Lewis said...

And don't forget "COOOOOBBBRRRAAAAA!"

Jack said...


The original series is, frankly, nearly perfect. The animation is of superior quality for its era. The design is excellent. To see that distinctive illustrative quality transferred to digital film-making would be a sad sight to see.

I really love that show.