My Christmas Wish

I haven’t exactly been a good boy this year, but I’ve been better than average. Bearing this in mind:  if any of you can point me to an English-subbed version of 好き!すき!!魔女先生 (Suki! Suki!! Majōhime Sensei, “Love! Love! Magical Princess Teacher”, 1971), whether legit or fansub, you'll be making my Christmas wish come true.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! It's like Kroft's 'Electra Woman and Dyna Girl' but with Fleagle as Dyna Girl, and they're fighting an oni. Crazy!


Bruce Lewis said...

It's more like "Bewitched Meets Sailor Moon". Teacher turns into a costumed warrior for justice ("Andro Mask") midway through the first season.

Plus the late Kiku Yoko was seething hot.

DVC said...

A much better description, Bruce.

I'm just wondering whether it was played as a serious show for kids or as something more tongue-in-cheek -- can't really tell from the clips. Looks fun, though!