Worth repeating but not worth paying a living wage

L.A. Times picks up the story about the Anime Industry implosion.

We've heard it before, here it is again. To recap, Anime Industry in a nose dive, nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, and they'll do it for less in China.


Anonymous said...

"The domestic industry oversaturated the TV market, which led to fewer hits and more shows being cancelled. (The number of anime TV series being created in Japan has been cut by almost half since 2007, according to the trade group Japan Animation Creators Assn.)"

The oversaturation is the key, and I'd reckon that the industry has been oversaturated for a good twenty years.

$10k a year to live in Tokyo? That's pennies, and working 100 hours a week for that sort of coin is beyond ridiculous.

My guess is that, just maybe, Anime as a genre was not meant to last this long, and neither was Japan's "Gross National Cool"...