Pokemon Cockfighters


Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure this out myself. It kinda boils down to "Am I too old to care?" I mean, I've watched less than an hour of this series over the years (friends kids, mostly) and just couldn't be bothered to pay attention to another Collectible Card Game-based franchise or whatever.

But I can see, maybe, how some folks might be really jazzed by this.

Great "amateur" work here, at any rate : )


Tohoscope said...

I give it an "E" for effort. The CGI design is pretty disappointing. The fur mesh they've got on Pikachu doesn't work at all, it's almost unrecognizable as Pikachu. Seems kinda lazy, plot wise. Very obvious.

Surprised it took this long for somebody to do this, too. How freakin' old is Pokemon? 20 years now?