Too Much Lum

Via Japan Sugoi (site is very likely NSFW -- also NSFGirlfriend! <3)


Anonymous said...

I once made a Lum/Bob Dobbs Mandala and set in on fire after reading some hastily-written 'poetry' -- I think back to that when looking at this image in detail -- it's like the Ineffable Quality of the Dobbshead in that way...

poking around Other Cinema site too long

Tohoscope said...

I've seen these grids for Tezuka's Black Jack and other old school characters. Neat stuff.

Bruce Lewis said...

I love Lum in any form. She will always be Anime Girl #1 for me.

I know exactly what episode the last vignette in row four came from. It's a redrawn version of a scene from the end of the episode where Lum's Defenders trick Ataru by sending him a fake love letter containing a date proposition from the nonexistent hottie "Otoko Kumino". As the blind date draws nearer, Shûtaro bets Ataru ¥10,000 that "Otoko" is ugly. Meanwhile, Lum is less than pleased that "Darling" has a date. Upon discovering that there is no Otoko Kumino, she decides to let him find out the hard way that his dream girl isn't real. As the time for the rendezvous arrives, Lum's Defenders and Shûtaro gloat when Ataru's dream date doesn't show at the coffee shop meeting place. Meanwhile, however, Lum is having second thoughts about her revenge. As the sun sets, she sits alone on top of an electrical transformer pole, tearfully thinking of Ataru's humiliation. "About now," she thinks, "Darling is... Darling is being made a fool of. Poor Darling."

I won't give away the ending, but it's a perfect example of Takahashi-sensei in her prime.

Bomb#20 said...

You can never have enough Lum.

@DVC - Yes, Japan Sugoi would implode your gf's head let alone something like the NSFW

Really Cute Asians

or the un-PC titled

Jappy Dolls

Anonymous said...

I also recall that particular episode of Urusei, Bruce. Good stuff.

And the kids today wonder why we held those golden oldies in higher regard than today's tripe...

Ornery old cuss

DVC said...

@ Bomb

Jappy Dolls -- Uff Da!