Moe WAR!


Bomb#20 said...

lol. Nice pic.

Surfin' around the other night, it seems this is the hot topic right now. You'd think this is all there is to anime from the past, present, and in the future. It's just another fad that will pass like bad gas. (Got a match?)

(Bomb#20 - Just lookin' for good art and a decent story I can deal with.)

Tohoscope said...

I dunno about that.

Looking at this Matt Alt article here:

...suggests that this is something that has been brewing since 2005. It's like they handed the industry over to the worst part of anime fandom. It's like comic books. You can't sustain a niche market. If what you create doesn't appeal to a wider market you've limited your product. But you can always count on that small niche market to buy your product.

I don't see it as a fad but more of a marketing mis-step. The anime industry needs to stop selling shit to a small group of sexual deviants and go back to making shows that appeal to kids and teens and, well, a mainstream audience.