Beer and Old Skool Muzak FU

DVC and I are drinking, reminiscing (blah) and watching URGH! A Music War vids. We share this with you.

P.S. We tried to put tags but they wouldn't let us. Fuck the man. Here's what we wanted.

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From DVC

From Bomb #20


Bruce Lewis said...

URGH! A MUSIC WAR was a life-changer. Did you somehow get the original cut, or is this the sanitized version?

Bomb#20 said...

We were just You Tubin' it. I'd love to get my hands on the laser disc. Was that original cut?!_A_Music_War

From this, the dvd sounds like a hack job.

Anonymous said...

Kopfschmerzen, aber viel Spaß haben ^_~

Is that bottle of 9000 still there? @_@

(where's the aspirin...)

Bomb#20 said...

I think there's one left. Again on Friday?

Anonymous said...

Yep, must be one left. I had this awful Sam Adams Triple Bock-like flavor wafting through my unsettled dreams all night long.

The SO did not let me off the hook very easily yesterday morning...

(Ed Hill really needs to post a limerick here... )