Too lazy for Pramo?

The geniuses who brought us the Matchbox 'Officer's Battlepod' could not be reached for comment.



DVC said...

My life flashed before my eyes -twice- just looking at this.

Tohoscope said...

I gotta admit, the kid inside me would've bought this back in the heydays of Robotech.

Anonymous said...

$25.00 for a six-inch tall piece of plastic -- Bandai prices!

(all my glue and paints have dried up...)

Tohoscope said...

All My Glue And Paints Have Dried Up...

Unfinished Japanese Model Kits that I have known by Psychommu Gaijin.

Available at better book stores when DVC, Phran, & Hillsey get around to writing it.

Anonymous said...

"Chapter One:

The Unpainted Souther Cross bootleg Sol Bioroid moldering in Yon corner,

Verily, it makes my heart weep... "

('tis I, DVC!)

Bomb#20 said...

Do SPT Layzner Korean knock-offs from Scale Model for $4 a piece count?

I think I still have a couple.