Ghibli DVDs: Redux

Phran and I were just at Suncoast, where the big news is that Ponyo is being released tomorrow. You'll note of course, that it's the first Ghibli film to be released on BluRay, and in honor of that (I guess?) Disney is re-releasing 2-disc versions of Castle in the Sky and a couple of earlier films.

My question is redundant, but why is it that they're re-releasing these 2-disc DVD sets? I mean, isn't this how they were first released over here? Is Disney just giving the rack-jobbers something to warm the spots over at Brick and Mortar before the BluRay releases come to fill their shoes?

Uncle Steve, where you at?


DVC said...

Free poster with purchase of Ponyo, fwiw!

Tohoscope said...

I'm torn between renting Ponyo and buying the 2 disc set. Grrr.

Bomb#20 said...

I also believe there was a "box" version of the DVD with a plushie. I don't think too many were made so they'll probably pop up on eBay in no time. Hopefully, they won't be used.

DVC said...

@ Bomb