Air Doll

Mid-April brings those PG'ers who call the great white north their home, the annual film festival. I didn't see too much that caught my attention, but there were a couple of movies that I'll try to see.

One is Hirokazu Kore-eda's Air Doll. It's about a life-sized blow-up doll that gains a soul. One day she decides to go out on her own and ends up secretly falling in love with a video store clerk. Of course there's a twist towards at the end that puts all this in jeopardy, but it's the story of what it is to be human. Based off the manga by Yoshiie Gōda, it sounds like bad movie waiting to happen. However, with Kore-da at the helm (Nobody Knows, Maboroshi, After Life, et. al.), I'm giving it a shot.

The other film is from the producers of the Triplets of Belleville. This one is The Secret of Kells. Eye candy if anything.


Tohoscope said...

It's the Geek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea!

Geek. Get it. HA!

Bomb#20 said...

lol. Great geek summation in 10 words of less.