Japanese Snack Review: Doritos Gourmet

Product Name: Doritos Gourmet: Wasabi-Mayonnaise Flavor
Manufacturer: Frito Lay

I’ve previously written about oxymoronic “gourmet” junk food, as well as weird mayonnaise combinations, so it’s nice to see both come together in this product. The text in the red circle promises that the chips have been double dipped for an extra concentrated flavor, which is reassuring.

Nothing better expresses “gourmet” than repeating it over and over in all caps in a stencil font. GOURMET!!! GOURMET!!! GOURMET!!!

The chips definitely have been dipped twice, giving them a gross, chalky texture. But for all that, the flavor was surprisingly weak. Back to the drawing board, guys!
From Lars (...in Japan!)


Tohoscope said...

We need to add Lars to the active blog list.

Hey Lars! Try out some of those freaky Kit Kat flavors over there.