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Interesting article at JaPANator.com today. My response here.


Tohoscope said...

"Does new anime suck? No. You do."

Ah, kids and their new shows. Aren't they just the cutest?

Anonymous said...

"And that little sex joke with the busty female lead is helping to sell DVDs and pay for more anime to be created."

Sorry, I'm not buying their argument 100%. Bits and pieces figure into the larger whole, certainly, but their argument falters a bit here and there.

And I like it that kids who fall down open manholes while Twittering are telling me that my perception sucks -- the irony is rich enough there, thick enough, that you can cut it with the whisker of a kitten.

- Hatin' on haters

Bomb#20 said...

Nice write up Bruce. I agree.

After taking some time off and returning to the fold, I was immediately finding shows I liked, but I also realized the landscape had changed. Like you pointed out, most shows were not the "epics" of the past. 13 episodes is more the norm and 26 episodes is a long run. There are exceptions, one being Cross Game adapted from the manga by Mitsuru Adachi (Touch, Slow-Step, H2). Last I knew it was just past the 50 episode mark. Heavy on character development and worth a try in my book even if you don't like baseball.

Just from last year I had no trouble finding shows that I actually liked. Some of these I haven't finished yet, but I've enjoyed so far:

Pandora Hearts, Senjou no Valkyria, Tears to Tiara, Eden of the East, Bakemonogatari, CANAAN, Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Sora no Manimani, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, and Kimi ni Todoke are just a few I could quickly think of.

Overall, I go with Sturgeon's Law though I might tweak the percentages.


Most of the time there is just a lot of "crud", but there are always a few gems. You just have to look for them. That goes for music, books, movies, beer, etc. for me.

Bomb#20 said...

Japanator has posted a write up from one of it's own community blog members, ittoujuu, with another take on the "Does New Anime Suck?" question.


I like the middle ground take on this. Great shows are great shows and crap is crap, but what about the large chunk in the middle?

Tohoscope said...

True, but the fans tend to focus on the crap. The young fans all seem to skew to the loli-moe-fanservice shows and ignore anything without a panty shot.

Me, I'm always interested in the stuff the kids ignore. The kids shows and the toy based shows are woefully under represented by Ameri-fen. If they ignore it there may be something to it.

Bomb#20 said...

I liked the take that moe is just temporary fad. Wait and something else will take it's place.

Overall, I'm just tired of the "old" vs. "new" anime arguments. A good story is a good story and that's what I look for.