Yoshinori Kanada Tribute

Director Yoshinori Kanada, whose approach to effects animation in key scenes and filmic composition was considered by many in the industry as instrumental, passed away on July 21 of 2009. The link below is from a broadcast recently following his passing, in which his technique is broken-down by panelists including Toshio Okada.

Hattip to Mari's Tokyo Diary.


Tohoscope said...

This show is really great. I wish there was an equivalent show over here. I didn't realize how much Yoshinori Kanada I'd watched until seeing this. Holy crap.

DVC said...

Yep, the guy's work was all over the place. Really wish there was a translation for the show, it sounded like they were getting into something "deep" with respect to his influence on Superflat ; )