Project Arbiter

I like the looks of Project Arbiter. The fen are getting a bit stirred up hoping for a live action Gundam movie after seeing the body armor. No such luck. Guess they'll have to be content with Gunhead and Robot Jox until then.

From IO9 via Anime Vice.

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Of course, as this film is helmed by Americans it somehow evokes dreams of a live action Mobile Suit Gundam? I fail to see the connection, but maybe I'm just cynical.

I'm sure Ted Nomura will be interested...

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Bruce Lewis said...

Nazi Nomura name-check FTW


DVC said...


I always *wanted* to like Nomura's work, but more than unsettling subtext kept me away -- it's a weird corpus, and no matter what a hardcore "Tigers of Terra" fan might say I see it as closer to the work of Henry Darger than E.E. Doc Smith

Tohoscope said...

I can't see why they couldn't do a live action Gundam TV show like the new Battlestar Galactica. A few 1:1 props and green screen/CGI. It could be done.

Of course they'll probably do it for Evangelion before they'd do it for a Gundam show.