Honda's "Sports Hybrid"

This one's for you Car Geeks : P


DVC said...

¥2,498,000.00 = $30k off-the-lot, and no doubt export versions will be wussed-out beyond all recognition. Though it's not comparable to an e.g. used Saturn Sky it will still make for an expensive toy -- what say you?

Bomb#20 said...

Looks sharp, but hybrids aren't worth it in my book. If you crunch the numbers to get these green cars to save you green ($$$), the car's life span probably won't last long enough. Someone I know did this for the Prius (before all the Toyota bs) and with maintenance, fuel, etc, etc. he figured a new Prius would have to run 13 years for him to break even on the purchase (including interest to the bank). The last I've read, if everything goes right, a car (gas burning) will last you 8 - 10 years. At best. And face it, hybrid technology is still new and the longevity of it is still untested.