Japanese Surf Rock of the 1960s

Thanks to my older brother I gravitated towards surf geetar in my late teens. Thanks to an Italian job (above) in a circa 1990 closeout bin I discovered Japan's surf guitar bands. I was looking to share a specific track by The Launchers, but The Bunnys -also featured on Monster A Go-Go- will do nicely : )


Tohoscope said...

Takeshi Terauchi.

When he first heard the Ventures he heard the voice of GOD in their guitar.

Fuck yeah. I've been a fan of Tekeshi and the Bunnys for years thanks to the WFMU blog:

And dig these classical covers:

Bomb#20 said...

I have Monster A Go-Go on beautiful red vinyl. It was my first contact with Japanese surf rock and a good one. Thanks for the links and back at you:

Monster A Go-Go

Big Lizard Stomp


Tohoscope said...

Damn. Here we are, all fans of Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys and it took this long before we posted about it? How did that happen?

I have a bunch of Eleki album links I need to find and post to PGaijin.

Bomb#20 said...

Correct link for Monster A Go-Go


DVC said...

As it happens, I sold "Monster A Go-Go" along with fifty other bits o' wax and a hundred-odd CDs back when I needed rent money in '93*, and gave away my cassette copy in '95, so I have been without this collection for 15 years! But one way or another it got constant play circa '90 to '95, and is pretty much permanently imprinted on me.

Did any of these ever come out on CD? I am still a sucker for shiny, shiny CDs...

* Selling stuff for rent money is a fool's errand, but I was selling plasma back then, too @_@ ...

Tohoscope said...

All the Takeshi Terauchi I've found was on various Vinyl Sharity blogs. And they were all ripped from vinyl.

Here's Beat Beat Beat Vol. 1-4:


The Bunny's Singles Vol. 1&2


Takeshi Terauchi and The Blue Jeans:




Let's Go Terry:


(There's a crapload of Ventures and Dick Dale and The Astronauts on this blog if you look around.)

The Blue Jeans - Rashomon:


You get the idea...

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Fat Bastardo said...

Mark Kuhn of Voodoo Court has formed a new surf band called the Compadres. They have a strong Spanish feel. Please give this upstart band a free listen.

The Compadres are the next big thing in modern surf music click HERE to hear their tunes