朝日新聞社):Master animator's legacy crossed borders - English朝日新聞社):Master animator's legacy crossed borders - English:

"SAGA--The 1964 U.S. puppet animation film 'Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer' that is so beloved by children around the world owes much of its magic to a Japanese animator.

But even in his homeland, Tadahito Mochinaga (1919-1999) is not well known."


Bomb#20 said...

Nice article. I didn't know he had lived in China and had taught/influenced some of the animators there.

DVC said...

I'm still educating my significant other as to traditional animation techniques, and she's having a hard time making the jump between traditional Japanese puppetry and 'Japornimation', but this article will come in handy!