Yamato Overload

While on an internet walkabout, found some more Yamato stuff.

A couple of trailers for Yamato: Rebirth that was released last month in Japan. Official Site.

Almost 9 minute preview.

A couple more trailers.

A five meter long Yamato model and underwear.

Yamato Pachinko 2. I know these have probably made the rounds on other sites/blogs, but I don't care. It's still worth a few links.

Commercial #3
Commercial #4
Commercial #5

Here's the Star Blazers homepage from Voyager Entertainment and to the pachinko machine. Good info and more links as well.

Bonus A
Bonus B

OK, that's enough. Now, get outside and play!


Anonymous said...

Just so I can be the first to make the pun, you want to see the model in the underwear, right? >: )

(DVC -- looking for that beer article...)

RWG said...

I love the pachinko machine. What would be the equivalent over here? A "Wall-E" slot machine?

RWG (actually, I could picture the Medicare crowd lining up for it)

DVC said...

I *so* want one of those Yamato hoodies! Less sure of the beanie caps, just not my style ; )

Bomb#20 said...

@DVC: Yes. I want to see the Yamato in the underwear. It will be the beginning of the backlash against moe. Mech in lingerie.


Now, where is that sarcasm punctuation mark?

@RWG: I'm picturing some old gray hair hooked up to an IV sitting in front of it as the wave motion gun goes off.