Funimation Licenses

Since the beginning of the week, Funimation has been announcing some new licenses. First, they've picked up 15 Shaw Brothers movies.

Also, they've picked up the live action Kamui film that was released in Japan last September called Kamui Gaiden.

And the best, IMFO, RoboGeisha. The trailer is NSFW.

Last, they've rescued the license for FLCL and will be releasing a DVD complete collection and Blue-ray at the end of this year.

Two more days of announcements and I'm guessing they'll be anime titles.


Bomb#20 said...

Here's a list of the Shaw Brothers movies to be released:

“Sword of Swords”, “The Duel”, “The Lady Hermit”, “The 14 Amazons”, “Shaolin Hand Lock”, “Invincible Shaolin”, “Soul of the Sword”, “Life Gamble”, “Shaolin Rescuers”, “Shaolin Prince”, “Bastard Swordsman”, “Opium and The Kung Fu Master”, “The Supreme Swordsman”, “Return of Bastard Swordsman” and “Hong Kong Godfather”.

Tohoscope said...

Okay, why is Funi doing these Shaw Bros. movies instead of one of the other Navarre labels? Like Ronin that released the Sister Street Fighter boxset?

Not that I'm complaining. But this just seems to be confusing the whole, "-imation" part of Funimation.

Bomb#20 said...

That's part of the reason I posted this. I know they closed down some of the other labels (BCI), but they must be jumping on the band wagon to diversify the brand since carrying just anime isn't making as much $$$ as before or so it seems.

They did pick some good titles though. Put me down for RoboGeisha and FLCL.

Tohoscope said...

Hey, I'm not putting down those Shaw Bros titles, either. The ones I have seen on this list are really good.

I guess without BCI these things would go to Funi. I'd forgot they shut down a lot of those other labels.

Unlike ADV, Funimation has Navarre as a parent company. I'm sure they'd be shutdown in a heartbeat if they played as wild and loose as ADV.

Anonymous said...

RoboGeisha whoa... saucy!

Never thought I'd see the day when "Tetsuo" was topped, but this one ('MachineGirl', also) has it beat for sheer absurdity.

(DVC -- cold and sober)