Gundam Unicorn at Amazon

For those of you looking to buy it right out of the gate.


Bomb#20 said...

At a MSRP of $50 for 59 minutes, no sale. Even at a $35 pre-order price on Amazon, no sale.

Gundam Unicorn

I'd rather buy the Evangelion 1.11 You Are Not Alone BR for $20 at Amazon. 110 minutes running time.

Evangelion 1.11

At least they're streaming it on ANN, Crunchyroll and YouTube. They'll also be streaming, for a limited time, Gundam, Zeta, Wing, Seed, Seed Destiny and 00. More to follow. (From ANN.)

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, $35 ain't bad; it's cheaper than an OVA on Laserdisc back in the 80s! @_@

But yeah, anime is a Genre/niche within the larger home video market, and as such it's gotten downright cheap these days -- if not free. You can get an entire series in a slim-case boxset for $40! Or watch 'em on Crusty, Hulu, etc for free...

(waxing philosophical & staring at old imported laserdiscs piled-up in a corner of the room...)